Sons of Anarchy Gets Its Own Post-Show Wrap-Up

In the same vein as Talking Dead & Talking Bad, Sons of Anarchy will now have it’s own post-show wrap-up program, known as Anarchy Afterword.

Anarchy AfterwordFeatured exclusively online, and to be hosted by writer Chris Franjola, Anarchy Afterword will have a total running time of 30 minutes, and will be featured after three episodes this season; the premier, the fifth episode, and the season finale.

Word is that the format will be similar to the Falling Skies’ Internet after show, Second Watch, where Will Wheaton conducted interviews with the Falling Skies‘ cast and crew. With that in mind, expect some interesting talks with our favorite bikers.


You’ll be able to find the Anarchy Afterword show on

Although I’m not really one for wrap-up shows, I still think they’re a great idea. They give fans a lot more access to the program, and hear thoughts & ideas from cast, crew, and guests that would normally be reserved for DVD extras, or never even heard at all.

Source: ScreenRant

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