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‘Man of Steel’ Now the Highest-grossing Superhero Reboot Ever.

The Superman reboot that everyone seemed so excited for — then disappointed by — last month has officially surpassed Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man to become the highest-grossing superhero reboot of all time.

Sure, that may not sounds that impressive to you. It’s an oddly-specific category to be on top of — sort of like holding the record for having the biggest opening in the month of February. But, hey, I guess Man of Steel will take what it can get after following up a gangbusters opening with an embarrassing 72 percent drop in its second weekend.

The only other superhero reboot I can think of off the top of my head is Batman Begins — which wasn’t perfect but certainly more deserving of such a title. Too bad 3D and IMAX weren’t as popular in 2005 to jack of ticket prices, right?

Also, The Amazing Spider-Man was a steaming pile of sh*t too.

In other news, people on Twitter keep hassling Russell Crowe about a Krypton-based prequel to Man of Steel. 

Crowe tweeted this response: “A lot of you are asking about a KRYPTON prequel, if that’s something you feel strongly about let @Legendary pictures know your thoughts.” The Oscar-winner also said that if it happened, he’d be down to reprise the role of Jor-El.

I’m all for it, the Krypton segment was the best part of Man of Steel. But let’s be honest — this won’t happen, just another fanboy wet dream that’ll never come true.



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  • Chocolate de Cu

    ” then disappointed by”

    Shut up

    The movie is EPIC

    • I liked Man of Steel too, but that movie has the writers here split right down the middle

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