As we all know, Geoff Johns is leaving the Green Lantern series after almost ten years behind the wheel, and since this is such a major switch, most of the creative team will be leaving the other Lantern books as well.  Today, DC actually revealed who would be taking over the popular books.

The team behind Green Lantern will be the writer Robert Venditti and illustrator Billy Tan. Tan is a newcomer to DC Comics, but he has put in quite a good amount of work at Marvel and Image. Venditti is perhaps best known of the comic book limited series, The Surrogates, which was later adapted into a feature film in 2009, starring Bruce Willis.

Joshua Hale Fialkov will be pulling double writer duty, by writing for both Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns, which will be illustrated by Bernard Chang and Alessandro Vitti respectively. Fialkov is an award-winning writer best known for the limited series Elk’s Run and Echoes and his own graphic novel Tumor, which won the Eisner Award in 2009. Alessandro Vitti is another Marvel transplant who put in some truly fantastic work with the series Secret Warriors. Chang has been drawing for comics professionally for over twenty years, and he’s recently been working on DC’s relaunched Deadman series.

Larfleeze, the fan favorite “Agent Orange,” will be given his own series, which will be written by Keith Giffen and illustrated by Scott Kolins. Giffen has been working as a co-writer on Superman, but he’s also put in a lot of work on many other characters for the past few years, including Justice League: Generation Lost. Kolins has an extremely long bibliography, working for both Marvel and DC over the years.

I’m pretty pleased with these line-ups. Following up after such a major point in the Green Lantern mythology is a great opportunity for all involved. I’m particularly excited to read the Larfleeze book.

What do you think of these new announced line-ups? Why don’t you just tell us in the comments below?

Source: Bleeding Cool