Mary Jane Watson was supposed to make her debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but the filmmakers now plan to hold off on her introduction until the third movie in the series, with Mary Jane cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. With the second movie looking like the set-up for the Sinister Six, as well as a possible surprise twist that opens up the need for Mary Jane in Peter Parker’s life, if is probably better to hold off on Mary Jane for now.

The biggest problem with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was having Mary Jane as Peter’s high school love interest instead of Gwen Stacy, although that could have been forgiven if they had cast anyone other than Kirsten Dunst in the role. She was horribly miscast as Mary Jane, and honestly, Shailene Woodley isn’t any better. While she is a much better actress than Dunst, neither of those actresses embody what Mary Jane is all out, a supermodel who is way out of Peter’s league but still falls in love with him. In this case, it is a strangely attractive actress with an awkwardly attractive Peter Parker. They actually look like they belong together, which is not the point.

But, my problems with Woodley as Mary Jane aside, I don’t think adding her in Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a good idea at all, so by knocking her back to the third movie, I think it will make for a smoother transition. If they do what I think they are planning to do in Amazing Spider-Man 2, Mary Jane making her appearance would be very inappropriate.

It was Woodley herself who made the announcement and not Sony, so apparently she was told she had been cut from Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Source: Newsarama