WWE Leprechaun rebootWWE Films is taking another venture into the horror genre, and once again sticking one of their own as the leading man. WWE’s Hornswoggle is following in the footsteps of fellow wrestler Kane by starring in his own horror movie. It’ll be a WWE Leprechaun reboot, continuing the timeless franchise, , once anchored by the dashing Warrick Davis.

It has been announced that Zach Lipovsky will direct the picture, the same man who recently directed the SyFy Films picture Tasmanian Devils.

WWE Films apparently wants to take the franchise in a serious direction. Any fan of horror knows that the Leprechaun films have never really been all that serious, and even ventured into the realm of ridiculous at certain points.

I must say Ice-T was great in Leprechaun In The Hood,¬†especially when they did the flash-backs to the 1970’s and the effects department, who apparently had a cool $10 budget, merely stuck¬† Ice-T in a bad afro wig and polyester in order to make him seem 30 years younger.

In my opinion, that was part of the series’ charm. There’s some horror you can only take so serious.¬† Either way, I’m interested to see how the WWE Leprechaun reboot plays out. Perhaps Braun The Leprechaun will cameo.

SOURCE: Bad-Ass Digest