When David Fincher makes a movie, I am immediately interested. Whether it is thrillers like Se7en, cult flicks like Fight Club or serious pieces like The Social Network, Fincher’s movies are always interesting. His latest movie was supposed to team Fincher up with his Fight Club star Brad Pitt, but now it looks like Fincher will be taking on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea without Pitt.

While losing Brad Pitt is disappointing, I’m still jacked to see what Fincher can do with this classic deep sea monster movie. Disney has been putting off giving Fincher the green light for the movie, and now that they are ready they might have lost their big star. While that sucks, Fincher won’t have a problem finding someone great to play sailor Ned Land.

It also looks like Fincher will get to shoot the movie in Australia thanks to some nice tax credits that will include a $19.2 million rebate. Fincher does plan to shoot the movie in 3D and 70% of it will be in CGI, which is enough to get purists feather’s ruffled. I have faith in Fincher, so I won’t let that news deter me.

What might have helped the green light was Andrew Kevin Walter’s (Se7en) re-write of Scott Z. Burns (Side Effects) original script. For the money that Fincher needs ($150 to $250 million), Disney needs guaranteed action, and you can imagine they are gun shy after John Carter.

While Fincher plans on making this movie, Disney’s approach will depend on the success or failure of The Lone Ranger this summer. They can only be burned so many times.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter