Back in 1996, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino joined forces to co-direct a movie called From Dusk Till Dawn. The movie was polarizing for many fans at the time due to its nature – it started out as a Tarantino crime epic before flipping on a dime and becoming a vampire horror movie. Well, 17 years later there are now plans to make a From Dusk Till Dawn TV series.

The movie was fantastic, and despite its polarizing start has become a cult classic. Well, it is Rodriguez himself who plans to bring From Dusk Till Dawn to television. Rodriguez has a television network in the works called the El Rey Network, and when the network starts later this year, the From Dusk Till Dawn TV series will be one of the key shows at launch.

The El Rey Network will be an English language network and the From Dusk Till Dawn TV series will be joined by an action series produced by Rodriguez and Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

From Dusk Till Dawn TV seriesIt is not clear what the new From Dusk Till Dawn TV series will be about. The original movie focused on two criminals who kidnapped a lapsed preacher and his kids and found themselves trapped in a bar south of the border full of vampires. They had to then fight for survival until morning came and they could escape.

With the shot at the end of the giant pyramid under the bar, this might be a show about the mythology of the location, or maybe the lives of the vampires themselves.

Source: Deadline