Ready or not, here comes Clerks III.  (Sorta.  But, you know, not yet.)

Kevin Smith announced via Twitter that the first draft of the third (but is it the final?) film in the Clerks saga is now complete.

Smith also postulates that the Clerks III script, in his mind, represents The Empire Strikes Back of the Clerks trilogy.  Such optimism, while sure to be taken with a grain of salt given the source, should make fans (and count this news reporter as one of them) cautiously enthusiastic.  The first Clerks was revolutionary given the background and budget associated with its development.  Clerks II was an Clerks IIIenjoyable romp with familiar characters navigating the challenges inherent in aging and dissatisfaction with where their lives had ended up at that point.  Clerks III could be a pinnacle achievement in the View Askew universe, allowing those that care about Dante and Randall the opportunity to see how it all turns out, painted with the brash and honest overtones with which Smith has always brushed his personal Jersey landscape.  If his words are to be believed, Clerks III also offers the writer/director/producer the opportunity to go out the way he came into Hollywood by completing the tale which began in a Quick Stop so many moons ago.  Here’s hoping for an uproarious, outlandish and heartfelt end to the Jersey chronicles as well as the directing career of Bluntman.

More news on filming and release schedules of Clerks III here at Renegade Cinema as it becomes available!

Source: Slashfilm