The cast of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is in talks with Adam Scott [Parks & Recreation, Step Brothers] to replace former leading man, John Cusack. The remaining lead cast-members, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, and Rob Corddry are all set to return and their deals are nearing completion. In keeping with the reunion, director of the original, Steve Pink is slated for a return as well.

A lot of times a major member of a well received film, not being involved with the sequel, can spell certain death for the project, but I think the film will be fine with out John. Hot Tub Time Machine was an ensemble picture, and Cusack was far from being a lynch-pin.

I’m not trashing the guy by any means, as I thought his character was actually the funniest out of the whole film, but he was far and away from being the only thing the movie had going for it.

I do have to question why Cusack decided not to return. Was he upset to be involved with a good movie, because it ruined his streak of crap films? Is he holding out for the sequel to The Raven? Whatever the case may be, I think Adam Scott is the right choice for a film like this.

SOURCE: Collider