The Zack Snyder Justice League rumor storms have begun! Once again, here is a crazy incident where if anyone says the word Justice League, it must mean it is news. Humorously, this is one of the worst cases of jumping the gun with reporting I’ve seen in a while. Ruben Fleischer– director of Gangster Squad– is doing press interviews for the upcoming DVD release of his latest film. Due to reports saying he was in the running for Justice League, Screencrush asked if he was still wanting to helm the movie. Here is Fleischer’s small response:

Well that’s something that Zack Snyder is going to wind up doing.

And… That’s it. Yes, I know this was a bit anticlimactic. Funny thing is several folks are eating this story up, like it’s an early confirmation. Sounds like Fleischer is just guessing rather than giving an official leak. Could Zack Snyder be directing Justice League? Yes, it’s quite possible given his relationship with Warner Brothers. However, with Man of Steel waiting to be released, I would take this as an assumed rumor for now.

Justice League  is still scheduled for a 2015 release date with no confirmed director on board. What do you think about the Zack Snyder Justice League rumors?

Source: ScreenCrush