Morris Chestnut will play Black Panther. Or maybe he isn’t. Or maybe he is and is just lying. Or maybe no one really knows.

Following comic book movie rumors and news is fun, if for nothing else than watching on-again/off-again rumors strike up. This usually consists of someone breaking a rumor and then someone else discounting it as false. Then the two sides go back and forth, with other sites piping in with their thoughts, until the movie comes out and one side is proved right or wrong.

The Morris Chestnut Black Panther rumors are a perfect example.

Black Panther has been a Marvel Comics property that a lot of fans, myself included, would love to see made into a Marvel movie. Well, Morris Chestnut sent out a tweet AND Facebook posting that got a lot of comic book fans excited.

“It’s time to get familiar with the Black Panther character.”

This seemed to be proof that a Black Panther movie was in the works, although Morris Chestnut as T’Challa is not really inspired casting. A ton of sites jumped on these rumors as facts, and we here at Renegade Cinema were about to talk about it as well. However, we looked around and researched and then Chestnut quickly jumped in and squashed the rumors.

He tweeted that he was not in talks with Marvel to play Black Panther but that fans brought the character to his attention. He deleted the original Twitter and Facebook posts. Then this tweet went up:

Disclaimer: In fairness to Mr. Chestnut, it must be acknowledged that all posts in reference to the ‘Black Panther’ were originated by The MCCamp. Although Mr. Chestnut applies earnest effort in communicating with his fans, occasionally there is assistance by The MCCamp in the best interest of facilitating production/filming and/or projects, as is the case at this time. The enthusiasm of the Fans is highly revered, always honored and appreciated. Thank you. – The MCCamp”

So, this means that if you are following Morris Chestnut on Twitter, there is a good chance it is not him talking at all. This makes most of his tweets null and void when it comes to reliability, because it is apparently someone pretending to be Morris Chestnut, and at least in this case they must not have known what they were talking about.

However, I have a different theory. I think Morris Chestnut is in talks to play The Black Panther, and the character might appear in an upcoming movie, such as The Avengers 2. However, Marvel doesn’t release any information until it is signed and sealed, so I am guessing Chestnut got scolded for allowing this tweet to get sent out and had to backtrack.

Of course, we won’t know anything until the ink is dry … or not.

Source: Twitter