Author Joe Hill was recently asked on his tumblr page if he had any further plans for writing comic books after the completion of his series Locke & Key. The fan also asked if he would ever consider writing for writing for either Marvel or DC and on which hero.

Hill had quite a bit to say about that. He told the fan that he was writing a five-issue miniseries called WRA1TH, which would tie into his own upcoming novel NOS4A2. The artist for WRA1TH will not be his Locke & Key co-creator, Gabriel Rodriguez, but instead it will be Charles Wilson III, the illustrator of the New York Times best-selling graphic novel, The Stuff of Legend.

Hill was quick to add that he and Rodriguez will be also be teaming again for a shorter project for IDW, but he also said that they wouldn’t release any details until the San Diego Comic Convention.

In regards to the query about working for either Marvel or DC, Hill mentioned that there was a “loose plan” to do a mini-series about one of his favorite characters in that company, though he wouldn’t say which company it was or the character. However, Hill mentioned that if that does end up happening at all, it won’t be until next year.

In closing, Hill claimed that he would always think of himself as a comic book writer first, and that he doesn’t have any plans to just leave the field for the for-seeable future.

I was honestly surprised to see that Joe considered himself a comic book writer before a novelist. I’ve read both of his novels, Heart-Shaped Box¬†and Horns, and it’s clear that he is a skilled writer and he has a long career ahead of him in whichever medium he chooses. For anyone who has read Locke & Key, this is some very good news indeed.

Source: Tumblr