A group of nurses kills another when she threatens to expose them for selling dead bodies on the black market. One week later she returns seeking revenge against the nurses who killed her and the doctor who orchestrated it.

The Lowdown

The first thing I noticed about Sick Nurses is the fact that I have never seen this many hot nurses working in a hospital outside of a soap opera or porn. The second thing I noticed was that the hospital was apparently completely empty except for the nurses. There were no patients. Well, those are two pretty distracting things when trying to suck me into this movie but I found there were no worries, as those problems were put on the back burner and replaced with a very interesting idea.

Sick Nurses is a movie in which the majority of the action takes place over the course of ten minutes of the movie’s clock. The film begins with the murder of a young nurse by her fellow co-workers. She is killed because she threatened to expose their illegal selling of dead bodies on the black market. After she is killed, the doctor takes her body and prepares to sell it on the black market as well.

A legend is told of a ghost returning seven days following her murder to exact revenge on those who killed her. Sure enough, seven days later at ten minutes until midnight, the dead woman returns to kill all those responsible for her death. The attacks start off quickly, as the movie is a brisk 82 minutes in length. For much of the movie we see the ghost attacking each of the nurses, using a specific neurosis to target them. Whether it is bulimia, materialism, or obsession, there is a “sickness” to each nurse the ghost can manipulate.

When the ghost first attacks, the scene is lifted directly out of The Ring. From out of a designer handbag crawls a slinky, figure with long black hair and a charred face. However, that is where the similarity ends. This ghost has a personality and seems to enjoy what she is doing. She gives facial expressions that displays she knows exactly what effect her vengeance has on the other girls. She even smiles on occasion when they scream in agonizing pain. She also looks like a super model, a charred, scary as hell supermodel, but a very hot ghost none-the-less.

When each girl is attacked there is a clock somewhere in the scene. The nurses are all attacked at the same time in separate locations, proving this ghost is omnipotent. This is why, despite the movie taking place over a ten minute time frame (eleven actually, but that is a strange twist only meant to prove there are no rules), there is not a dull minute of our time to spare. However, there are lots of disappointing things in the first half of the movie for horror fans. There is a shower scene where a girl is bathing with her clothes on. What? There is also very little blood and gore, as the ghost just seems to be dispatching of the girls in a nice, tidy manner.

Don’t be fooled. There is a point in the movie where all hell breaks loose. From this point to the very disturbing end, there is nothing held back. There is a scene where a woman is eating razor blades until she no longer has a jaw and then ends up swallowing a fetus. There is a scene with lesbian twins and a surgical saw. I won’t even mention what happens in the final scene, but it proves there is no line these filmmakers won’t cross.

The picture is also beautifully shot. There is great use of the color palette and it is almost too beautiful to be a horror movie. That makes the scenes with the blood and gore even more visually dynamic. The directors are independent filmmakers at heart and there is a brilliant tribute to art house films thrown into the middle of the movie that made me smile. The acting is subpar and none of these girls are anything more than B-level debutantes, but the script is original and inventive enough to allow the acting to be glossed over.

Sick Nurses was a surprising little film that will reward the patient with a solid, fun horror flick.

The Package

You have the option to listen to a dubbed English version but don’t. Those actresses are so over-the-top and annoying, it would really hurt your enjoyment of the film.

The Making of Sick Nurses is a six minute feature where the directors and cast talk about making the movie. It is short but very interesting, as they used no computer animation, and shot all the effects on green screen or using trick photography.