One of the biggest influences for my endeavor in film criticism has passed away today.

Roger Ebert was the go-to critic for myself and many others when growing up. The unforgettable ‘Two thumbs up!’ rating system became practically a brand name for movie approval with his late critic friend Gene Siskel. For many years these guys set a landmark in the status quo of film reviewing. Roger Ebert dies, truly leaving behind a legacy in the film world that can never be matched.

Even though I didn’t always agree with his scores on certain films, his reviews remained the most insightful for understanding the cinematic experience.  One of my greatest memories of Roger Ebert was an appearance on Jay Leno where he talked about the Nolan Batman films.

I remember him ranting about the fact parents were complaining about the aggressive nature of the new Batman. Ebert was a huge defender of the Nolanverse taking a darker and more chilling direction.  Also, you know the guy gave Wayne’s World a good review?

You will forever be missed, Roger Ebert! May the cinema Gods welcome you into their kingdom! Rest In Peace.