Three Years Later

Bonnie is in a mental institution. She is in a group session sharing how she made a mistake and lost someone she loved and how she would do anything to take it back. Enzo is waiting in her room when she gets back and they make out.

Phoenix Stone

Bonnie is figuring out how the Phoenix Stone works. Alaric assures her that Jo is fine, but that isn’t the case. Both she and Oscar are starving and have no memories. Alaric is telling Jo about their life together and she tries to take it in. Lily and the Heretics try to do the same thing with Oscar, but he just sits there.

Lily is focused on Julian this week and she tells Enzo that he is about to come home and he tells Valerie. She isn’t happy about it, but she is willing to help when Damon and Stefan corner her and ask to go find Julian with them. They drive down to Myrtle Beach to get him which puts Stefan and Valerie together in the same room for the first time since she left him.

While Damon tells Valerie what Stefan wrote about her in his diary about breaking Stefan’s heart, she tells them how awful Julian is. She tells them about how he once massacred a coastline. While picking up gas Valerie tells them that Julian is already dead which is why Lily needs the Phoenix Stone. The stone isn’t meant to bring people back to life; it’s a stone that stores vampire souls. Which means whoever is in Jo and Oscar is not them.

Bonnie goes to Lily’s house to find out what is going on with Oscar. Enzo is trying to keep him from feeding on the maid. Bonnie questions Oscar about Myrtle Beach, but Oscar is confused. All he remembers is Bonnie getting him out and points to the Phoenix Stone.

Damon calls Bonnie to tell her she has to tell Alaric the truth about the stone. And Oscar realizes that he has witch powers. Bonnie and Enzo flee from Oscar and she drops the stone which Enzo picks up. Bonnie leaves and Enzo kills Oscar.


Valerie is trying to kill Julian, but it isn’t working. Mary Louise, Nora, Beau and Lily are there. Valerie tries to tell Lily that she was doing this because Julian is bad news, but Lily is blindsided by love. Valerie lets it slip that Lily was the one to give Kai the idea for what happened to Elena.

Damon attacks Lily, but Beau shatters everything and Stefan, Damon and Valerie are left in the wreckage. Stefan finds Valerie and as he picks out wood splinters from her body, she tells him the truth about Julian: he killed her and their unborn baby. She tells him the whole story we already found out. Stefan is shocked and confused and tells her that he would have wanted the child.

Damon is upset about Lily’s part in what happened to Elena and he wants to kill her. Enzo has the phoenix stone which he gives to Lily. Damon wants her to bring Julian back so he can rip his head off right in front of her.