Ant-Man is the next Marvel movie to hit theaters, but most of the news lately is concerning Captain America: Civil War, which will see our favorite super heroes battling each other instead of villains. It is based on the Mark Millar Civil War comics from 2006-2007.

The comics saw Iron Man, as the face of the government, helping to initiate a superhero registration act to make sure that all the random heroes were properly trained after a group of super powered kids causes a large death toll, including a school full of kids. Captain America takes the other side, refusing to hunt down his long-time friends and imprison anyone who doesn’t register. reported on Monday that a casting call was sent out for a “funeral scene.” With that said, the mind starts racing through the comic stories and hints from the movies so far. What follows might contain spoilers from comics, but is just speculation for the movies about who this funeral could be for.

Agent Peggy Carter

Captain America: Civil War

The first idea is that this is the movie where Agent Carter dies. Of course, fans met Agent Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger but really got to see how awesome she was in the ABC series Agent Carter. Well, we know that she is very old, but still alive, and saw her last in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Could her death be a somber opening to a movie that will see a lot of bad things happen to our heroes? Could her funeral be where an attack takes place between heroes, causing Captain America to choose a side? This is one of the most logical choices.

Captain America

Captain America: Civil War

The second idea comes straight from the Civil War comic books. In the comics, Iron Man was pro-registration and Captain America didn’t trust the government at all when it came to the act. By the end, Cap realized that fighting was stupid and was causing too many deaths and too much collateral damage. He surrenders, and as he is on his way to court, in handcuffs, he is gunned down and assassinated. Could this funeral be for Captain America, and take place at the end of the movie?

I do want to point out here that I am actually suspicious that they might change Iron Man and Captain America, and who is on which side of the registration act. That could radically change the ending.

A Random Hero

Captain America: Civil War

One thing that a lot of people don’t seem to talk about when discussing the winners and losers from the comic book version of Marvel’s Civil War is Goliath. Goliath is Bill Foster and he was a minor member of The Avengers. He died when the government and Iron Man decided to use Thor’s DNA to create a clone to help them fight the resistance. The clone killed Goliath and this caused a number of people to switch sides and caused Thor to go nuts on Iron Man. There is no Goliath in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but could another hero die that causes the tides to turn – maybe someone like War Machine?

A Mass Funeral


The final idea is that this is not a funeral for a hero or a beloved icon. The idea behind the comic’s version of Marvel’s Civil War was a mass death of school students, and this funeral could be something along those lines. It could be where the public begins to turn against the heroes because of the collateral damage deaths. Of course, that is assuming that the Civil War will start domestically. Honestly, I think the Civil War will be the result of The Hulk’s rampage in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the deaths that occurred there. If that is true, this could still happen, but on a global scale. It is my least likely guess though.

What are your thoughts? Who is dying in Captain America: Civil War? Who is the funeral for?