I really enjoyed the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday night, but one thing really bothered me. Dan Gilroy, who made the spectacular Nightcrawler, spoke out against comic book movies by describing the real films that survived theĀ “tsunami of superhero films.”

That bothers me because a lot of these smaller, great movies would not get made without the movies that make studios millions upon millions of dollars. Those are the superhero movies, which make money because people really love to go watch them.

It continued the next night at the Oscars, where a superhero movie actually won an Oscar (Marvel’s Big Hero 6 took the Best Animated Feature Film) where a gag on the show made fun of superhero movies, although that was nowhere near as much of a slam on the genre.

Anyway, the most successful superhero movie of 2014 was directed by cult favorite filmmaker James Gunn, who came out in defense of the genre that many of us love.

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