When the synopsis for the upcoming Deadpool movie announced that they would bring Colossus back to the franchise, many wondered if Daniel Cudmore would reprise the role he played in X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. It looks like he won’t be returning and the role will be recast.

From Daniel Cudmore himself:

It sounds like Cudmore is not leaving on bad terms, although his comments late last week made it sound like he wanted to return, or at least was in negotiations with his “can’t comment” statement on Twitter.

Hopefully, when they bring in Colossus this time, he actually gets a more important role in the movies. His appearance in X2 was just lip service to fans, but he plays such an important role in the comics that he deserves better. Hell, in Avengers vs. X-Men, he was one of the characters to receive the Phoenix Force. Fingers are crossed.

The Deadpool movie hits theaters on February 12, 2016.