Fans of The Crow are by now well used to setbacks in the quest to bring a reboot to the big screen. While the production as lost F. Javier Gutierrez as director and replaced him with Corin Hardy, it has also lost its lead actor Luke Evans. The production team, including creator James O’Barr, is still optimistic about seeing the film finally come to fruition and are currently eying fan favorite Sam Witwer to replace Evans in the role of Eric Draven for the Crow reboot.

Cult television fans will likely remember Witwer best for his brief role as Crashdown in Ron L. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. Gamers and Star Wars fans will probably also be familiar with his extensive voice work within the Star Wars video game and television universe – particularly his role as Starkiller in the game The Force Unleashed.

While nothing official has been confirmed concerning the Crow reboot, Witwer responded favorably to the idea, saying that he would “he’d mow the creator’s lawn for the rest of their lives for the chance.”

Source: Blastr