The Evil Dead is coming to television, and this writer is very, very excited. Basically, understand that my son is named Ashley – and yes, he is named after Bruce Campbell’s character in Evil Dead. Well, the television series that will continue the story is called Ash vs. Evil Dead and both director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell are returning for the TV show.

The idea of the Ash vs. Evil Dead TV show is to bring Ashley “Ash” Williams back 30 years after the events of Army of Darkness to take up the battle with the Deadittes once again. Of course, this means that they are sticking with the S-Mart finale and not the apocalypse finale, but that can work if it means continuing the franchise.

The Ash vs. Evil Dead TV show will be 10 episodes and will air on Starz later in 2015. In the series, Ash will still be working as a stock boy 30 years later (that has to suck), meaning that his exploits at saving the world have gone criminally unnoticed. He is also cranky in his old age (I would be too if I was still a stock boy) and has both survivor’s guilt for surviving while his friends didn’t, as well as PTSD.

His co-stars will be co-workers at S-Mart and the Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series has cast those leads. Ray Santiago (Meet the Fockers) will play Pablo Simon Bolivar, someone who idolizes Ash even when Ash no longer likes himself. Dana DeLorenzo (Growing Up Fisher) will star as Kelly Maxwell, a “moody wild child” with a dark past.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

Evil Dead has always been a movie franchise that held a strong place in my heart. The first movie influenced me when it came to making movies myself and I actually did a full commentary track for it as a senior capstone project in film school. I think that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell returning to the franchise, in a hand’s on role, is a huge deal and could be the television event of 2015.

The Ash vs. Evil Dead TV show will be on Starz, and it is important to remember that Raimi’s Spartacus was also on Starz and was VERY bloody, so expect him to hold nothing back – but lets hope the dark humor remains intact as well. I can’t wait.

Source: THR