Mark Millar has seen a couple of his movies do well at the box office with Wanted and Kick-Ass. His next big release comes next weekend with Kingsman: The Secret Service, directed by Kick-Ass director Matthew Vauhgan. If the film does well, there is a chance that one of Millar’s most beloved stories gets adapted with an on-screen version of his Nemesis comic book.

For those who have never read the book, imagine if a character had the sociopathic qualities of The Joker but the resources of Batman. While the Nemesis comic book had mixed critical reactions, it did very well in sales and 20th Century Fox quickly optioned it.

According to Millar, there has been a screenplay already written and if Kingsman: The Secret Service does well, Matthew Vaughan might want to direct it. With both Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class under his belt, Kingsman would be a third Vaughan comic book adaptation and might make it easier to finally move Nemesis into production.

“They spent a lot of money on the screenplay. Joe Carnahan wrote it, it’s fantastic. I think they’re just waiting to see – I actually think Kingsman could be something that jump-starts Nemesis,Millar said. “The screenplay is sitting there…they’re probably waiting to see how Kingsman does and then maybe something will happen from there. But the script is finished.”

Joe Carnahan is an amazing writer, so that could be a big deal if it is his script that Matthew Vaughan would work from. If the Nemesis comic book adaptation is relying on the success of Kingsman: The Secret Service, fans might want to show their support with that movie. Since the only other new competition that weekend is 50 Shades of Grey, it might be the perfect counter-programming anyway.