Fans of the DC Comics television adaptation Constantine just got some good news. When the series returns from its midseason break, it will change time slots and return at 8 p.m. EST, which is a great time slot compared to its original 10 p.m. EST on the always tough Friday nights. That doesn’t mean that Constantine is out of the water yet, but it might be a sign that NBC is trying to help the show succeed.

Of course, this also comes after the disappointing news that NBC cancelled the extra season one episodes that they ordered and stopped production on the show. Originally, despite lukewarm reviews of the first episode (see our mostly positive Constantine pilot review here), NBC ordered nine additional episodes to bring the first season up to a full 22 episodes. With the ratings not very high for the first few episodes (it is on Friday nights, a death slot for most shows), Deadline reported that NBC pulled back some of their support and will stop season one at the original 13 episodes it ordered.

However, that news also came with the caveat that NBC only had four episodes of Constantine to work with before deciding on the extended first season and they want to see how the show finishes out in the ratings before making a decision about a second season. The show’s producer said that the second season is not assured yet, but with higher ratings than Hannibal, it is possible.

With that said, ratings have been rising and a lot of the reason is that the show is really getting good right now, especially with the show starting to delve into the comic’s mythos. The midseason finale last week, The Season of Last Resorts Part 1, ended with a nice cliffhanger, so here is the hope that Constantine will continue to build its audience and we can get a second season of the dabbler of the dark arts.

Constantine returns to NBC for the second half of its season on January 16, 2015 at 8 p.m. EST.