Going Home

The finale episode begins with Elsa taking down Ingrid’s wall. She and Anna are getting ready to go home, but as they go towards the border, Emma says she can feel some of Ingrid’s magic remaining which means they have to find a new way to get back┬áto Arendelle. Elsa asks what’s the rush and Anna tells her that Arendelle was conquered by Hans and his brothers.

Gold has Hook’s heart in his hand. Hook tells him that Anna and Elsa are looking for a way to leave which makes him happy since Anna would recognize him. Hook realizes that Anna knows about his plan. He has Hook keep Anna away from the store. He is ready to give Belle the life she has always wanted. He tells her that he is taking her on their honeymoon to New York and then around the world.

Gold brings Hook to the Sorcerer’s house and says there is a portal in here.

Belle is packing when Henry comes in. He tells her that there is a spell at the border that won’t let them come back if they leave, but Belle isn’t worried. Henry shows her the book and says he’s worried about his mom’s story. She reassures him. Henry helps her look for another suitcase when stuff falls over. Belle sees the gauntlet.

Hook finds Emma at the diner. He tells her he found a portal to Arendelle. He tells her that Gold helped him find it and that he really has changed. Gold is holding Hook’s heart and speaking which makes Hook say whatever he wants.

Everyone gathers to say goodbye to Elsa and Anna before they go back to Arendelle. Elsa and Kristoff go through the door, but Anna asks who this Gold is in the other world. Charming says its Rumple. She says she has met him and that he always lies. Emma says Gold has played them.

Enchanted Forest

In the Enchanted Forest we see Belle exploring Rumple’s house when he walks in. He tells her not to cut herself and if she thinks it’s okay to play with his things. He said he was testing her when he left. She says she was curious about all the things he has that he never talks about. She asks about his trip to Camelot. He says it was good for him and gives her the Gauntlet he got. It shows anyone’s biggest weakness.

Belle serves Rumple his tea and tells him that the reason he collects so many things is to fill the hole in his heart. He sends her to finish the laundry. She sees a puppy and follows it and then she is grabbed. Rumple comes looking for Belle. An object falls from the sky and it contains a hologram of Belle telling him to bring the gauntlet or she will die.

Rumple brings the gauntlet to Maleficent. He uses his magic to chokes her, but she isn’t alone. Ursula comes out and grabs Belle and threatens to strangle her. Cruella de Vil is there as well. Rumple trades the gauntlet for Belle. The gauntlet will change the fact that the heroes always win.


Regina and Robin are in her crypt ready to put Marian’s heart back into her chest. She wakes up and hugs Robin.

Later Regina is drinking when Marian comes. She says her thanks and that Robin won’t forget about it which means she can’t either. She knows that time has passed for Robin and that he is in love with Regina and Regina is in love with him. She doesn’t want him to stay out of obligation so she will step aside if Robin truly loves Regina.

Regina and Robin watch Marian and his son Roland. He has decided to choose Regina. He gives her the picture of them kissing from the book. Roland cries out and they see Marian had passed out. Regina says some of the spell may be inside her. She says the only way to save her is to go over the town line where there is no magic. Robin is ready to go until Regina says it is a one way trip and that Marian can’t go alone.

Regina is at the town line when Gold gets in her car. He tells her that Belle and him are leaving town. He asks what Henry was really looking for in the shop. She says he was looking for her happy ending and thought Gold knew who the author of the story book is. He says if Marian dies she would get her happy ending just like he did with Belle. She says that’s not who she is anymore. She goes to Robin and gives him a map and money. Before Robin steps over the line he passionately kisses Regina. Regina tears up the picture of her and Robin kissing.

Happy And Not So Happy Endings

Gold and Hook are in the clock tower as he is about to crush his heart. Gold opens the hat container. Snow and Emma show up, but he stops them. He tries to crush Hook’s heart, but he can’t. Belle shows up and says she commanded him not to. She has the dagger. She tells him to drop the heart, unfreeze them and take them to the town line so they can talk. He says he can explain, but she tells him that she found the gauntlet and that he would never give up the power to be with her. She used the gauntlet to find his weakness and it led her to the real dagger. Belle tells him she is tired of losing her way to be what he wants so she commands him to leave Storybrooke. He walks over the border.

Back in Arendelle, Anna is dressed for her wedding. Elsa asks why she held off on getting married and Anna tells her that she is her sister and she couldn’t get married until Elsa was happy. They walk hand in hand out to get Anna married.

Emma has Hook’s heart and she slams it back in. He kisses her hard.

Emma sits down next to Regina and offers her a drink. Emma tells her that she did the right thing, but Regina doesn’t want a speech because she’s miserable. Emma asks if it makes her feel better that Gold is also miserable. They drink when Henry comes and tells them to come with him. He takes them back to the mansion and shows him a library full of books like his except they are empty.

Regina tells Emma that her and Henry were looking for the author to give her a happy ending. Emma says she is in.

Six Weeks Later

Six weeks later in New York, Gold gets off a bus. In the past he went back to the three Villains and told them he wants the gauntlet, but they say he made a deal. He says it was a ransom and takes it back. He is at the aquarium where he finds Ursula. He wants to find the author to give the villains what they deserve. He tells her to come along, but that he has two other stops to make.