Shattered Sight

The Spell of Shattered Sight has hit Storybrooke. Snow and Charming, in their jail cells, trade insults. She calls him a fraud while he says for all he knows the baby is Dr. Whale’s.

Emma and Elsa know they need to find Ingrid and kill her to release the spell. But as long as the ribbons are on their wrist, they can’t do any harm to her. Emma says that if love is keeping the ribbons on then hate can remove them. They go search for Regina.

Regina is locked in her vault and has quickly morphed into season 1 bad ass. This is shown by her change into her cleavage-baring black dress and her smirk when she realizes Emma has come to her instead of her having to find her.

Hate Is Key

Emma tells Elsa the way to get Regina to release them from the ribbons is to piss Regina off which she says won’t be hard. She tells Regina that she brought Marian to Storybrooke to screw up Regina’s happy ending. She also was parading her romance with Hook around just so Regina would be forced to watch the sort of relationship she will never have. Regina sends a fireball at Elsa and Emma and the ribbons are gone. Elsa and Emma get away.

Regina heads to the sheriff’s office where she finds Snow and Charming. She sends Kristoff and Anna away to the beach because it was the closest to Arendelle as she could get. She then turns her attention to Snow and Charming. She wants to kill them both, but instead releases Snow and gives her a sword.

Elsa and Emma go back to face Ingrid in her lair. She is shocked to learn that they removed her bracelets. But nonetheless, she is still going to give Elsa and Emma their presents. They are stones that contain the memories she stole from them.

Emma’s Past With Ingrid

In Emma’s flashback we see some of the moments of Emma in Ingrid’s foster home. While playing an arcade game the lights flicker. A week later, Ingrid tells Emma that she has special powers and that’s why the game flickered. Because she was coming into her powers. She takes Emma into the middle of the road and tells her to stop the car coming at them. Emma believes Ingrid to be crazy and eventually runs away. Ingrid moves to Storybrooke to wait for Emma. When Emma does come she thinks Ingrid has followed her because she’s crazy. Ingrid removes her memories.

Emma is ready to take the Snow Queen down, but Elsa can’t kill her aunt. Until Anna comes in. When she was sent to the beach she found a message in a bottle. The message was from their mother.

Love Wins In The End

The note is an apology saying they were sorry for trying to remove Elsa’s powers. She is sorry she couldn’t accept her daughter for who she was and reveals that she has the same regrets about her sister. The bottle also contains a rock that will give everyone their memories back about her sisters and what really happened in Arendelle.

Ingrid starts to strangle Anna. But then realizes her sister really did love her and that Storybrooke doesn’t deserve this curse. She decides to kill herself in order to break the curse. She also gives Elsa and Emma their happy memories of her.

Well the Frozen story arc is all but tied up. Even though her plan didn’t work, Rumple still plans to use the hat to set him free from the dagger and then take Belle and Henry out.