The episode begins with Anna and Kristoff thawing off and ready to save Elsa from Ingrid. A piece of straw tells Anna that Rumple was involved and has the urn since there is no way he would let Ingrid have everything. But they don’t have time to get to him as Hans has also thawed. There is a brief fight before Anna and Kristoff are free. While on the run, Anna brings up something she thinks will bring her to Elsa, the Wishing Star.

Anna knows her parents left to go find this item and she knows Blackbeard has it since she read it in her mother’s diary. They go to get it from Blackbeard, but he has already been bought off by Hans and his brothers.

They are defeated by Hans and bounded up and thrown into a trunk to die at sea. We do find out some information during this time. We find out that Anna and Elsa’s parents did buy the Wishing Star from Blackbeard. They couldn’t use the star because it only obeys the pure of heart. Black Beard is now the captain of Hook’s ship (which we know he sold in order to find Emma). And this isn’t the past because Hans spills that 30 years have passed.

Anna and Kristoff only have moments to try to absorb the fact that they are gong to die as the trunk is filling with water. They share moments together before…


Everyone is getting ready for the Shattered Sight spell. Rumple is talking with Ingrid saying he won’t try to kill her if she lets him, Belle and Henry leave town before the spell. Charming tries to scale the ice wall and get people out but fails. Belle has been doing research and discovers that while they can’t stop the curse, they can prevent themselves from turning against people if they use the hair of someone who has been struck by this curse before.

Elsa finds Anna’s snowflake necklace and is on the search to find the one person who has been through this curse before. Now that she has something that belonged to Anna, Elsa can cast a locator spell to find Anna

They track Anna to below the library until they hit a stone wall. The fairies are gathered at Granny’s where they are working to find a way to beat the curse. Rumple plans to send Hook into Granny’s to collect all their magic. This magic will be enough for Rumple to be free from the dagger and get out of town.

Emma doesn’t want to use her magic to blast the wall down. The fairies tell them that they have discovered they can make an anti curse using Anna’s necklace, but they will have to destroy it. Everyone agrees to destroy the necklace, but Elsa is gone.

She took the snowflake and heads to the mines with Emma closely behind. She tears the wall down only to find the beach on the other side. Elsa’s confusion turns to sadness when the necklace stops glowing which means Anna can no longer be found. Emma tells her to take the necklace back to Granny’s so they can stop the spell, but Elsa holds it a little longer before she makes a wish to have Anna with her.

And then Anna and Kristoff’s trunk shows up on the shore. The snowflake had been the Wishing Star all along. They reunite and hug and cry. But it is too late and even though Anna is there it’s too late to stop the spell. Everyone is just going to barricade themselves while they still can so Emma and Elsa can stop the spell and take down Ingrid. The Charming’s tell Emma they believe in her and give her her brother to watch over before she locks them in the jail. Hook tells Emma he wanted to see her one last time. And Regina locks herself in her vault, telling Robin that it’s to keep her in.