The trio of Olivia, Jake and Fitz decide how they are going to take down Rowan. Jake flaunts the relationship that he and Olivia had in Fitz’ face. Jake talks about standing in the sun. Jake then tells Fitz that he has a warehouse full of B6-13 files.

The enemy of my enemy is…My Client?

Elizabeth goes to Olivia for her help. She thinks that her cell phone is bugged. Olivia takes her as a client even tho she hates Liz. The Vice President, Andrew Nichols, is leaving a hotel where he just gave a speech. While outside talking to a few kitchen workers his car explodes. The Andrew walked away with minor injuries. When Andrew gets back to the white house. Mellie has everyone leave the room so she can jump Andrews’ bones. Rowan calls Olivia to ask her why she missed dinner. Rowan is worried because of the explosion. He also tells her that they are family. He makes it known that Jake and Fitz only want one thing. He tells her that when they get it and become bored. They will be onto the next conquest.

The three blind mice tell Rosen about the files that Jake has in storage. They want him to come up with a way that they can bring Rowan to trial without B6-13 becoming public. They fear that if the public finds out about B6-13 it will ruin B6-13, Fitz and our entire government system. Fitz also tells Jake that he has to stay in prison. If Jake is set free, Rowan will know that they are on to him.

Huck runs a trace on the bug in Elizabeth’s phone. They discover that Cyrus is the one behind the wiretap of Liz. Olivia approaches Cyrus to find out why he bugged Liz’ phone. Cyrus tells Olivia about Michael. He goes into detail about who and what Michael is. Cyrus asks for Olivia’s help with Liz. Olivia is hesitant because Liz is now her client.

Huck has Javi at the office to bond with his son. Olivia questions Hucks choices. Olivia calls Liz. She tells her that her phone is not bugged, it just had a virus. Huck tells Olivia that Michael had a lot more information than he gave to Liz. Liz wants to know why Michael held this information back.  Olivia meets with Michael to find out why hasn’t he released all of the intel that he had on Cyrus. Michael tells Olivia about a secret apartment that Liz has. Olivia calls Cyrus to tell him that Michael kept almost all of the info that he had on Cyrus. Olivia tells Cyrus that Michael loves him, this is why he didn’t give Liz more intel. Cyrus ends the conversation saying “It’s always the ones closest to you, the ones that say they care the most that do the most damage.”

The Sting 

Quinn is surveilling Kubiak in order to see why he is spying on Olivia. Huck bugs the secret apartment of Liz’. He brings Javi along with him on the steakout. Javi asks Huck why he left. Huck tells Javi that it (him leaving) had nothing to do with him or his mother. A man comes into Liz’ apartment. Huck tells Javi to leave because he should not see what they are going to do to each other. Quinn knocks on the van door to find out why Huck is on her stakeout. Quinn tells Huck that Kubiak is in the apartment with Liz.  Andrew enters the apartment and tells Kubiak to leave. Andrew is having an affair with Liz as well. Back in the surveillance van. Kubiak breaks the window and tries to shoot Huck. Huck fights back and kills Kubiak. Javi witnesses the whole ordeal and runs off.

Daughter of the Year

Jake and Fitz can not decide how to go after Rowan. Jake wants to take the lead and go in with his own team to take down Rowan. Fitz just wants to jump blindly into B6-13 and take Rowan. The two continue to fight over how they will go after Rowan. When Olivia gets back home, she calls her dad. She tells him that he was right. She finally realized that Fitz and Jake where only interested in their own self-interest. She tells Rowan that they don’t care about her at all. Olivia wants to have dinner with her dad. They agree to have dinner. When Olivia gets off of the phone she calls Fitz. Olivia tells him that it is a go. Olivia plans to use herself as bait so they can catch her father.

Olivia meets Rowan for dinner. Rowan tells her that he is glad that she called. Rowan looks at Olivia curistiously. He tells her that he hasn’t been the perfect father. He gives her a motivational speech about how bad he has been and how great she turned out. While Rowan is talking a team of snipers get in position to shoot Rowan.  Rowan tells Olivia that he never put his job before her. He tells her that everything he has done is because of her. Rosen acquires the B6-13 files that were in Jake’s storage unit. Rowan tells her that he is who is his because of her. He tells her that she meant everything to him but this is over. He explains that he is leaving. He then says that all of the men outside (sent to kill him) are dead because of her. Rowan has his team kill everyone that was in position to kill him. The snipers, units around the corner everyones dies. Rowan then gets his epic rant in. He tells her that she will never be one of those people, referencing Fitz and Jake. He tells her that she has been blinded by the bright white light. He tells her that they are not her people, that she will never be one of them.

Rosen has his team go through the files to find out that they are all blank.

Rowan is disappointed that she would turn on her own father. He feels that she has forsaken him. He tells her that she is on her own for the first time. He tells her that since she thought the world was so terrible with him, wait till she sees the world without him. Rowan leaves the restaurant and hops in his car, while ambulances and EMT teams rush to the scene.

Final thoughts

“It’s always the ones closest to you, the ones that say they care the most that do the most damage.” When I first heard Cyrus utter this I wondered why he said it, as Olivia helped him out. Then as we see the episode play out we know that Rowan was tipped off. Was it Cyrus who tipped Rowan off? They have worked together in the past. But I thought that the plan that Jake, Fitz and Olivia had was between the three of them.  I could be wrong. I knew that Rowan would find out some way.

I never doubted Rowan for a second that anyone especially his own daughter would get the best of him. He has always been 2 steps ahead of his rivals and 3 steps ahead of Olivia. How lost and confused is Olivia to go against her father in such a way? I understand that they never saw eye to eye but what Olivia did was a bit much. As Rowan said she knows what they would do to someone like him. It wasn’t going to be a jail sentence to camp cupcake or even life. They were going to have a trial and execute him. Who would put their own father in such a situation? Blood is thicker than water. I’m sure I’m alone in my feelings of Olivia but I never really liked her outside of the way she gets things done (professionally).

Olivia sluts herself out to Jake and Fitz every week. She chooses to commit adultery rather than choosing a man that really loves her. If that wasn’t bad enough she conspires to kill her own father wdf is wrong with this broad?