This episode is about love, hence why the opening scene is a mix of people getting amorous. One of which include the leader of the AB having sex with Juice,  and other revealing the fact that Tig & Venus are infact very close with one another. Jax is getting cosy with the new hooker they aquired a while ago from  the now deceased pimp, and wants to stay around afterward, because I assume she reminds him of Tara. Later, him and the boys meet up with the AB at this farm house, and almost immediately one of them insults Tig for being with Venus, so Tig promptly shoots him in the groin, and then uses the pain of such a wound to find out that Leiland, their once leader, is headed to the hospital to kill the cop that survived. Well, it’s no nevermind, as Wayne has been warned, and ends up putting the guy down.

Elsewhere, Moses grabs the leader of the 9ers who’s pulling double-agent with Jax, and asks him to help him find out where the Sons are keeping the mother & the son. He tells Moses that the leader of the Grim Bastards probably knows. So, they end up scooping him up, while he happens to be hanging out with Rat. After some interrogation, the leader of the GB gives up the local, the cabin. However, it’s all a set up, as Moses and the gang end up at the Nazi house the Sons were at earlier. Eeveryone is taken out except Moses. Jax promptly rips his eye out with his barehand, has his fingers cut off, then puts a bullet in his head. With the hit squad gone, the mother & son are allowed to head home. Back where the leader of the GB and Rat are being held, the leader of the 9ers shoots a guard, and cuts them loose.

On the Abel side of things, he shows up at the breakfast table with a cut above his eye and says that Thomas did it. When he arrives at school, he heads to the bathroom where he gives himself a pretty nasty gouging on the arm with a fork he had in his lunchbox. The school calls in Gemma & Jax, and reveal to them they’re involving Social Services, as Abel said his grandmother did this. No one is really sure what to make of it, but know that Gemma didn’t do it. They agree to have Abel see a shrink, although Gemma is naturally against this. Else where, Tig has a long heart to heart with his lady Venus, as they try to make their ordeal work, despite what they consider an abnormal situation. Gemma decides to head to the farm land with Nero for a few days while he gets things set up, as Jax doesn’t want her alone with Abel, just so Social Services won’t be able to pin anything on her. Later that evening, Jax decides to tell Abel that Wendy is his mother as well, his first mother. Abel, in his most perfect zombie-esq style of acting, asks Jax if grandma killed his 2nd mom, so that his 1st mom could be here. We see an obviously shocked expression from Jax, followed by the reaper.

This was a better episode than the last few, as it really advanced the story-line, gave us key points we’ve been waiting for, and served up a pretty sweet piece of action. It almost seems like they’re hinting at Jax starting up a family with Wendy and the kids, but I still don’t think he’s gonna come out of this show alive.  The last 2 episodes are the ones we’ve all been waiting for, and I trust that Sutter won’t disappoint.