The Snow Queen’s Past

Once Upon A Time finally gave us insight into the Snow Queen’s past. The episode started with the three sisters playing outside when a man comes to try to take one of her sisters. She uses her powers by accident and kills him with a tree branch. Her sisters promise to help her figure out how to keep her abilities under control.

The girls grow up and Ingrid has decided that it would be best if she keeps to herself only coming out for important celebrations like their father’s 70th birthday party. It’s there we meet the Duke of Weaseltown, a young man with an eye on Princess Helga. Ingrid keeps to herself and accidentally creates snow because she is sad.

Ingrid is too worried about hurting someone to join in the party. But Gerda has heard of a wizard who would be able to give Ingrid what she wants. They travel to Rumplestiltskin’s castle and he tells them that he has gloves that will contain her powers and that he also has the magical urn that will work as their failsafe should Ingrid lose control. He tells them that they don’t really need either of these things because the best way to help Ingrid is through their sisterly bond. Ingrid takes the gloves and urn and in exchange Rumple wants the ribbons around their wrist.

The Duke comes to Ingrid and throws himself at her because she’s the one in line for the throne. Ingrid pushes him away with ice. Helga comes by to see what is going on. The Duke lies and says that Ingrid came onto him, but he pushed her away. Helga doesn’t buy it. The Duke attacks her and Ingrid fights back with her powers, but Helga gets hit instead and sadly freezes and breaks into nothing more than glass bits. Gerda comes and sees what Ingrid had done and puts her in the urn before going to the trolls to get the memories erased.


Back in Storybrooke, Elsa and Emma find a way to neutralize the Snow Queen’s powers. While Emma talks to her, the rest of the gang goes to her lair for the mirror. It tuns out it is a fake and the Snow Queen freezes herself inside the station with Emma.

Ingrid talks with Emma and tells her that she and Elsa are her real family and that Snow and Charming didn’t give her up. She continues that they don’t understand Emma and they fear her and her powers. Emma loses control and blows a hole through the police station. The Snow Queen then disappears.

Emma continues to freak out when her family comes out and she almost kills her dad. She tells them to stay away and runs away.

A Merry Man and Queen

Robin talks with Will Scarlett that Marian made him the man he was. The reason he stole from the rich to give to the poor was because he had stolen from Marian’s poor family and she came to get what he stole which made him want to do right by the poor. But he decides that he is not going to live by the code today and goes to kiss Regina.


At the end, Ingrid goes to see Rumple in the shop and tells him that she can give him the one thing he doesn’t have. She knows how to break the dagger’s curse and all she wants are the sister ribbons she gave him. He agrees to the deal and she whispers what she has been keeping a secret. He seems happy with it.