Navabi kills a top nuclear scientist in the UAE. In retaliation, one of the top US scientist will be killed.

The most dangerous person in the world is in Washington D.C. Lizzie. Guess what “WE” have to do…

Red tells Lizzie about the retaliation. Red tells her that a man named the Scimitar will be the one that will kill the scientist. Lizzie and Ressler search for the top scientist in the US. They find out that there are 3. They are all in a witness protection, less the protection. These individuals have been given secret identities, careers and other information. They hide in plain sight as Aram calls it.

Insert pointless storyline here

Lizzie has Tom sheltered on a boat. So no one (including Red) can find him. Lizzie goes to see Tom in order to get information about Berlin. Tom tells Lizzie about a man named Volkoff. Volkoff is Berlin’s main weapons supplier. Lizzie finds Volkoff to get him to lead her to Berlin.

Worst father ever

In the last 2 episodes Red has been trying to find a woman. He finally get tipped off that this woman works at a food truck. The two have been hanging out recently. This time they share a meal beside her food truck. The woman asks Red if he has any children. He tells her that he has a daughter but it is complicated. The woman shares with Red that she has not spoken to her dad in a very long time. She knows that her father is a bad person. She has not spoken to him in several years. Just as the conversation is getting good. Red drugs the woman. Dembe and Red carry the woman off.

When Ressler drives something bad happens

Aram locates one of the scientist that is on the list, Jonathan Reese. The Scimitar’s team is already in pursuit of Resse. Lizzie and Ressler go to New Carrollton to try and find Reese before the Scimitar does. They catch up with Reese going to his vehicle. Lizzie attempts to get Resse into their car for protection, until someone starts shooting at them. Lizzie, Ressler and Reese drive away from the parking lot. 2 men on a motorcycle follow them. The motorcycle guys shoot out the back window of the SUV and set off a flashbang. Ressler loses control of the SUV. The SUV flips over. The men capture Reese.

Lizzie wakes up in a hospital. The doctor tells her what happened. Ressler is also in the same room with Lizzie unconscious. The doctor tells Lizzie that Ressler is not doing well. The doctor is going to send Ressler out for a MRI. Lizzie asks for a phone to call Cooper. She calls Cooper to let him know what happened to them.

At the post office, Aram gets information about an accident that a government vehicle was in. The report lists a man and a woman. This leads the FBI to believe that either Ressler or Reese is dead. There is no mention of a third person in the SUV. Cooper sends Navabi to Bethesda Medical Center (where Lizzie and Ressler are). When Navabi gets to the hospital there is no record of Lizzie or Ressler at the hospital. Lizzie gets suspicious of the hospital because Ressler is never taken for the MRI. Lizzie was also told by the doctor that there was no other person in the car, when Lizzie asks about Reese. Lizzie also noticed a brown make-up like substance on her hands from the doctor. Lizzie checks the chart of Ressler’s that the nurse left in the room. The pages of the chart are blank. Lizzie tries to wake Ressler up so they can get out of this hospital.

Worst hospital ever

In another room in the hospital, the doctor is talking to a security guard. The guard was listening to Lizzie’s conversation with Cooper. The security guard tells the doctor that Lizzie told Cooper to move a woman named Amanda Collins. The doctor is not a doctor but the Scimitar. Lizzie is not in a hospital but a warehouse. Lizzie wakes Ressler up. The security guard comes into the room to kill them. Lizzie knocks him out and they try to flee the warehouse. When they finally get boxed in, Navabi and the FBI rescue them.

Cooper tries to have the FBI pull Collins out. When they get to the hotel where Collins is, they find her gone. Her guards are on the floor. The Scimitar has taken Collins hostage. He tells her that he needs her help to create a weapon. Lizzie thinks that Collins and the Scimitar are still in the building. The FBI places the building on lockdown. Lizzie is outside of the building. She notices a man pushing a luggage cart. Just by seeing the man’s hand (which has a tattoo on it), it triggers the memory of her in the hospital with the make-up that rubbed off on her hand. She tells the man to put his hands up. He does and turns around. It is the doctor from the fake hospital. A black SUV rolls by and shoots up the hotel, hitting no one. The Scimitar has escaped.

The Scimitar goes to the same man that helped Red (and Navabi) find the location of the warehouse. Red is waiting for the Scimitar and has him captured. He invited Navabi over. Red tells Navabi that the Scimitar is all hers. The Scimitar blew up a building that Navabi’s brother was in. Navabi tries to get answers from the Scimitar. He isn’t talking so she says fuck this and kills him.

Lizzie goes to visit Tom for no reason whatsoever. He wants to know if she is going to kill him. She has not decided yet. Tom asks Lizzie that if she does decide to kill him, to look him in the eye. As if there was another way you would want to kill your spouse.

How would you like to meet your dad for the first time while drugged?

Red meets with Berlin. Red insists that he did not kill Berlin’s daughter. Berlin does not believe it. Red brings the girl he has befriended and drugged. It is Berlin’s daughter.


Damn, I guess like everyone else. That this food truck lady was Red’s daughter. That however would make too much sense. It would also close the possibility that Lizzie is Red’s daughter, which is a topic that will never be revealed on this show. I am convinced of that. This was a good episode. I do not know if it is because I have not been able to see the Blacklist the last couple weeks or what but I enjoyed it. Next week is the fall finale, which is what I thought this episode was – but never mind. I am sure we will leave next week feeling even more confused about the Lizzie/Red relationship.