The first trailer forĀ Fast & Furious 7 has just hit online. The movie continues the adventures of the crew in what will probably be the final movie in the franchise, thanks to the death of Paul Walker. Vin Diesel’s Dom even calls it “one last ride” in the trailer.

Basically, the trailer starts off with an extended sequence where the crew drives out of an airplane with parachutes attached to their cars in order to hit a target, which in this case meant saving someone. We then move into the meat of the new plot, where they are targeted by Jason Statham, who is the brother of last movie’s big bad. Also seen in the trailer is Kurt Russell.

I also liked the ending where Dom says that the crew is not his friends, but his family and it closes on a close up of Paul Walker. Check out the Furious 7 trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.