Young Emma

This week we got a look into Emma’s past. She had run away from her home and befriended another teen named Lily. She saw Lily shoplifting so she tried to do the same thing, but gets caught until Lily saves her. They buy food with a credit card Emma thought Lily had stolen. They break into a home and make videos and hang out until Lily’s father shows up to bring her home. Turns out that Lily had lied about her family history and Emma feels betrayed and doesn’t take her number to contact her.

Elsa Overcomes Her Fear

This week wasn’t strong on the Frozen front. While Emma went to get Regina’s help, Elsa followed what she thought was Anna, but it led her to the Snow Queen. She chained Elsa to the ground with ice and told her the more frightened she is the tighter the chains will be. She eventually over comes her fears and is freed.


Regina has been trying to find the Snow Queen to save Marian. Emma decides to tag along because she has questions about how she knows her. She found a photo of her and the Snow Queen from a few years back and has no memory of it ever happening.

Regina is still angry at Emma and they fight the entire time. Regina has Sidney help her find out where Snow Queen is, but it turns out that Sidney was leading them to a trap. There is a giant ice warrior, but Emma and Regina work together to use their powers against the warrior.

The Snow Queen is impressed and traps them and takes Regina’s mirror. Elsa saves them, but the Snow Queen disappears.

Snow Queen

Back in her ice lair she frees Sidney and she cracks Regina’s mirror. She brings forward a big broken mirror and cracks the mirror Sidney was in to fill in the last space on the big mirror. She says that what she wants is a family.

Later at the police station, Emma is going through her old box of things from her past. Hook comes in and together they watch the tape from the recorder she got when she was with Lily. The first part is her and Lily, but the second part is some teen boys taking the camera and teasing Emma before someone walks forward and tells them to give the camera back to Emma. It turns out to be the Snow Queen.

Snow White

The final story line is where David has Mary Margaret get out of the apartment, but she is worried about Neal. On their walk, they stop by the police station and find out that Will had escaped from jail. David wants to find him, but Mary Margaret wants to go home. As she heads home, she sees Will digging on the beach. She confronts him and thinks David set this all up so she would feel better. While he didn’t plan anything Mary Margaret felt better at the end of the episode.