The show starts 0ut with video of a woman pushing her husband off of a cliff. Mellie takes this case head on. She almost pushes to represent this woman a little too hard in Abby’s and everyone elses eyes. Mellie holds a meeting with a few very important members of the president’s cabinet. Mellie has NASA draw up a trajectory plan and all these other fun little charts to prove the woman is innocence. It is later reveled that two eyewitness saw the incident. They say the man slipped. He was not pushed.

Approving gun control in order to kill yourslef

Fitz flexes his muscle with Rosen about getting this gun control bill passed. On one of the preliminary hearings. It seems that the bill will be struck down. Rosen digs up dirt on Judge Sparks (a judge that Lizzie’s has in her pocket) in order to get the bill passed. It works, however Sparks ends up taking his own life shortly afterwards. With a gun nonetheless. Fitz congratulates David on his work. Davis has found his way into the presidents “circle” as Cyrus calls it. Abby seems to catch feelings knowing that she will never be in that circle. In fact Fitz doesn’t even know her name. Fitz tries to apologize to Abby for being too hard on her plus yelling at her. Abby feels that Fitz needs to apologize because he doesn’t know her name.

Olivia goes to see her dad for no reason. Rowan invited her and Jake to dinner. This invitation is rejected by Jake at first. Olivia persuades him to go (to the dinner) in the end. While at dinner, Olivia goes to the other room to take a phone call. Jake tells Rowan that he knows that Rowan had Harrison, Adnan and little Fitz killed. Jake tells Rowan that he needs to leave D.C. for good. If he doesn’t Jake will expose these murders.

Best runaway excuse ever

Olivia’s case is from one of her former law school friends (Katherine). Katherine’s daughter Katlyn has gone missing. Quinn is charged with finding the girl. Quinn finds Kaitlyn in a hotel. Kaitlyn ran away because Katherine was sleeping with Kaitlyn’s boyfriend. After Olivia finds out this information she calls the hotel to get in touch with Kaitlyn. Problem is that Katlyn has been murdered.

Cyrus runs into Michael again. This time Cyrus does give into temptation. Cyrus then employs Michael’s services. Afterwards Michael tells Lizzie that he slept with Cyrus.

Jake finds Charlie in a parking garage. Jake is about to use Huck’s patented torturing  techniques on Charlie. Charlie tells Jake that he can save him some time. Charlie wants a reunion with Quinn. Reluctantly Quinn goes to see Charlie in Jake’s underground lair. Quinn and Charlie exchange pleasantries in which Quinn tells Charlie that she is not going to go falling into his arms. Until she does fall into his arms. Jake comes in to get Quinn right before she is about to give up the goods.

Quinn was gone for 24 hours. She is extremely pissed with Olivia and Huck for not wondering where she was. Quinn tells the two that this is the reason why Harrison is dead. Quinn tells them that when one of them goes missing the others should look for them. Later on Huck finds Quinn to tell her that he would look for her if this ever happens again.

Huck finds footage of Kaitlyn being chased into an elevator. Kaitlyn is running from a man who is trying to wrestle a folder out of her hands.


Rowan didn’t seem to take Jake’s threats seriously. These two are going to have to take the other out in order to survive.

When reading recaps of other bloggers. I hate when the writer addresses every actor in there real name. Then they go on and on about an actor like they are about to win an Emmy. However Joe Morton is great in this role. I love when he gets angry and has his little tirades against whoever he is screaming at. It’s like a maniac with a hint of “I could kill you in your sleep”. The highlight of any Scandal episode is when Rowan goes full command on people.

I also wonder how long is it going to take for the team to get back together. I guess at this point the only one that is missing is Abby (Darby Stanchfield). See what I did there? In this episode she finally figures out that she is not and may never be in Fitz’ “circle”.

The one odd thing about this episode is that we never found out who killed Kaitlyn. Her mother Katherine was taken into custody in the final minutes of the episode but that was it. There was no indication that this case will run into next week but who knows. Lastly this whole Cyrus hooker thing is weird. Not because he is gay but because I don’t fully understand what is the point. Lizzie has seemingly lost the gun control battle so what else is there? I doubt she wants his job but who knows.