This week we start off back at Diosa, with Jax sitting amongst the dead and having a smoke. Chibs has apparently been intimate with the new sheriff, as they’re in towels, in a motel room. Also, Chibs has the smallest nipples I’ve ever seen on a dude. The Sheriff shows up and tries to talk to Jax, but realizes she isn’t going to get any information. Later, Jax tries to find out who told Lynn about their involvement in the heroin & guns ordeal, and all they get is that a cop who was put on watch of the warehouse where the guns were, was paid $2,000 to look the other way one night. He is promptly shot by Braski, who doesn’t tolerate greedy folk. Jax soon sets up Lynn for the showdown he’s been wanting. He has Braski’s cops tie up Lynn’s men, while he and Jax have it out in the streets. It doesn’t get to go too far, as real cops show up, but during the scuffle, Lynn denied any involvement in Tara’s death. Whether or not he’ll listen has yet to be seen.

Nero goes to see Braski after the Diosa shootings, and ends up running into Lynn and his men. He finds out that Jax has been lying to him about his involvement with the bad that’s been going down with Lynn. He’s told that he needs to choose a side, as well as bring Jax to him later tonight, or something may happen to his child. Later, Nero meets up with Jax and greets him with a fist to the jaw. The fight stops there, and they hash it out. Jax tells him about what Lynn had done to Tara, and that he doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. Nero then goes to Lynn and tells him about where they’re gonna meet, but that Jax has plans to set him up, of course this all turns out to be a ruse, as Nero has sided with the Sons.

Juice finds out what happened at Diosa, and is spooked when an Asian guy wants to speak to him at the hotel. Later, that same guy comes into Juice’s room, but never leaves, as he’s shot numerous times, with the belief that he was part of Lynn’s crew. However, it turns out he simply worked there, and that the room was only paid up for 3 days, while this was the 4th. Wayne stays back to clean up the body, while Gemma takes Juice to her father’s place, or so it seems. While Juice is sleeping, Gemma heads a different way, and clearly makes plans to kill him. Once Juice wakes up, he puts it together, and a scuffle breaks out which causes the car to crash. He chases Gemma down, and she says how she couldn’t trust him, begging for her life.

Overall: Not as interesting an episode as the last few weeks, but still solid none the less. It’s going to be so interesting to see what Jax does once he finds out the truth, because there has been so much blood spilled due to Gemma’s lying, and the actions Jax has put into motion because of his belief in those lies. I can’t imagine Jax will be able to live with the guilt, but then again, I’m still thinking of Jax as he was, not as he is.