Chalky And Milton

Chalky and Milton break into what seemed like an empty house. Upon Milton smelling the flowers and drinking milk, a girl (Fern) comes downstairs. Milton has told Chalky that there is a safe at this house. Milton asks who else is here and Fern tells him no one. A short while later, Fern’s mother comes downstairs and they both insist that there is no safe.


A young Nucky is running around the hotel that he works at doing miscellaneous jobs for all of the guest while tending to his job. A girl catches his eye. One of the guest asks Nucky if he would do anything for love. Nucky replies to the man yes. The man tells Nucky to bring fresh flowers to his room (for the naked woman accompanying him) everyday.

Lucky, Bugsy and Dr. Narcisse

Lucky and Bugsy have a meeting set up with Dr. Narcisse in order to continue the relationship that Narcisse had with their old boss. They tell him that Maranzano wants to continue the business and wants to help Narcisse “keep what’s his” and offer a bit of protection. Narcisse declines. Lucky tell Narcisse that people lose things everyday.

Nucky courts Kennedy

Nucky meets with Kennedy in order to hopefully talk about business. While sharing a meal, Nucky offers Kennedy a drink. Kennedy declines telling Nucky that he wants to shed the image of the drunken Irishman stereotype. Upon hearing this, Nucky doesn’t drink as well. He changes his wine out for seltzer water.

Where is the damn safe?

Chalky, Milton, Fern and Fern’s mothers (Marie) head downstairs as Milton recalls that is where the safe is. They all go to find that there is no safe. Chalky is getting frustrated at this point and wants to leave. He tells Milton that “Nuffin ever came out of waiting.” Chalky convinced Milton to tie the two up until they figure out their next move. Someone knocks on the door and it is a delivery. Once the person leaves the package at the doorstep. Milton opens it to find it is a dress. The dress is for Fern’s spring formal dance. Milton insists that Fern try the dress on. Fern tries to put it on over her clothes but that isn’t good enough for Milton. He orders her to put it on proper. Fern is about to disrobe and Marie yells that the safe is upstairs.


Margaret gets seen in this episode getting questioned by the attorneys at her job about money that was handled by her late boss. Rothstein had several accounts, under the name Abe Redstone, that were being actively used after Rothstein died. The attorney wants to know who moved, and lost the money in the stock market. Margaret tells them that it was her boss. However, the lawyers have Margaret’s signature all over documents on Rothstein’s accounts. The attorneys tell Margaret that Mrs. Rothstein is going to come after the firm for the missing funds.

Margaret meets with Mrs. Rothstein in order to clear the air. Mrs. Rothstein knows that Margaret lives in one of Arnold’s apartment and thinks that she was one of his mistresses. Margaret tells her that her and Rothstein had a business arrangement and that was it. Mrs. Rothstein doesn’t care and wants her late husband’s money as he left her with nothing. Margaret claims that she is broke, living with her children. Mrs. Rothstein remembers a New Year’s party that she attended at Mr. and Mrs. Thompson’s house. Mrs. Rothstein feels that, if Margaret doesn’t have the money, her husband will. Mrs. Rothstein plans to have Margaret’s name drag thought the mud via the newspapers just as she has been.

All that work for nothing

Chalky tries to break open the safe with a hammer. After pounding away for God knows how long Chalky gives up. Milton tries to no avail. Milton gets frustrated and starts to choke Fern holding a gun to her head. Marie finally opens the damn safe only to show up with bonds that are no good to Chalky and Milton. Milton goes to choke Fern again. Chalky hits him on the head with the hammer. Chalky strikes Milton again killing him. Fern grabs Milton’s gun and holds it up to Chalky. Marie tells Chalky to take the $9 in her purse and to get the hell out of their house.

Dying for a Drink

Nucky is showing Kennedy the club that he took over for Chalky. Nucky is still trying to subdue his urge to drink to impress Kennedy. Kennedy is impressed with a burlesque dancer at the club. Nucky and Kennedy take to the upstairs office. Kennedy keep staring at the dancer known as “Kitty”.  Nucky puts pressure about an answer from Kennedy about he partnering on the Bacardi deal. Kennedy talks about how he is a law abiding man and has not broken the law in his bootlegging. Kennedy asks Nucky why does he really want this. If he likes Nucky’s answer he will then in turn give Nucky one. Nucky finally breaks down and tells Kennedy that he wants to leave something behind. Kennedy knows that Nucky is dying for a drink so he pours him one. Supposedly satisfied with Nucky’s answer. Kennedy tells Nucky that he will bring Kitty a bowl of milk.

Just dying…

Siegel and Red Levine walk into one of Narcisse’s cat houses and shoot all the hookers and the man that answers the door.


Nucky watches his crush sitting on the beach. She asks him if he would kiss the horse in the carriage for 10 cents. Nucky tells her that she doesn’t have 10 cents. When the girl is about to go swim with her parents, Nucky tells the girl to wait and he kisses the horse. Nucky spots the man that told him to bring the flowers. Nucky tells the man that he tried but no one answered the door. The man tells Nucky to make sure she gets them. When Nucky goes back to the hotel to deliver the flowers the sheriff opens the door. Nucky peeks in to see the woman laying dead with her throat slit. Outside, Nucky is handed a piece of mail. It is a postcard from the girl signed Mabel. The postcard tells him that they come there (the hotel) every summer. She also tells him that she would have kissed him. Nucky wakes up from a drunken-nap. He sees a silhouette of a woman. Nucky screams out Mabel? The woman turns the light on, it’s Margaret.


I am not a violent person. I actually do not like to see violence on TV. But Boardwalk Empire is the ONLY show that is at it’s best when people are getting their brains spread across the floor. This episode mostly bored me to tears with the way Chalky and Milton stupidly almost ate up the entire show. However when Bugsy and Red let the bullets fly at Dr. Narcisse’s whorehouse, that moment made this episode good. Possibly because I can’t stand Dr. Narcisse. My 2nd least favorite character, Margaret came back . It seems as if her and Nucky will be rekindling their marriage because she is in a hole.