The episode starts with a Foundation Challenge in which the crew must make their version of the urban legend Bloody Mary. Hosting the challenge is make-up artist Brigette Myre-Ellis of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & True Blood fame. Rachael does a fantastic job by using prosthetics normally used for neck wounds in a different way, by wrapping them around the model’s face to create a detachable face look. This makes her the winner of the challenge. Her skin tones were a little off, making her Bloody Mary look as if her last victim whose face she stole appear to be off the cast off Jersey Shore.

After the Foundation challenge, the Contestants are introduced to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, which will serve as the gory inspiration for the Spotlight Challenge. They choose from a selection of movie posters to inspire them to make a movie quality main villain.

The Assignments

  • The Clover- Dina
  • The Trophy Room- Stella
  • Bone Appetite- Rachael
  • Bonnie & Cyanide- Sasha
  • Homecoming Scream- Keaghlan
  • Buzz Cut- Damien
  • We Met Online- Drew
  • The Second Chumming- Cig
  • Axe Girlfriend- George

John Murdy & Mike Aiello, Creative Directors for Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood and Florida arrive after the crew has chosen to reveal the prize on the line this week. Both parks will be featuring the best make-up from every season of Face Off, including the winner of this challenge. The Contestants sketch and then head back to the workroom to get sculpting.

Dina’s concept to go with her The Cloven poster is a reindeer sent to hell by Santa Clause is one of the most creative, but she stumbles when it comes to sculpting a deer face on a human face. She decides to go with her poor sculpt, feeling like she has no choice but to mold it. Damien uses the vacuform to make scalps for his villain barber.

Day 2, it’s straight to work. The crew are all over the place, fabricating details to bring their murderers to life. It’s gore galore, and the day goes quickly with little upset.

Day 3, application day. Everyone scrambles to finish up their pieces and start painting. Rachael’s paint is a little dubious, but her mouth in stomach prosthetic looks really good. Sasha it scared that her paint job will send her home, having airbrushed veins in large unrealistic patterns. Keaghlan is confident with her black & white 1950’s homecoming queen.


Damien’s piece looks like a rubber mask, with little color definition in the skin tones. Cig’s is hard to gauge being completely covered in blood. Keaghlan’s homecoming queen is well done, and Rachael’s queen has good elements, but her old age makeup is really poorly done. The Judges don’t seem impressed with many of the creations on the stage.


  • Stella
  • Drew
  • Damien
  • Dina
  • Keaghlan
  • Cig

Winner: George 

Voted Out: Sasha – Saved by immunity

I agree that Rachael’s stomach concept was really well done, the teeth were especially creepy, though the face of her queen still looked very off to me. Sasha usually does so well, but this week showed her strength lays in pretty and whimsical work, not in horror. Choosing a winner this week seemed hard, but I understand why George was chosen. His Axe Girlfriend concept would be easily replicated for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. I wasn’t surprised when the Judges chose to use the special immunity to save Sasha, but I am surprised that they didn’t vote Dina off. Both girls did poorly this week, but Dina’s history on the show shouldn’t have kept her safe.