The most boring show on TV just got worst

Worst Flashback ever

This entire episode shows everyone before the “event”. Laurie is back at home (pre-cult). Jill is a ray of sunshine and Tom is still in school. Kevin starts out the episode by jogging in order to sneak off and catch a smoke break away from Laurie. While Kevin is lighting it up he sees a deer.  Kevin takes Jill to school, when she gives him a hug she tells him that he smells like smoke. Laurie is a therapist and Pattie is her client. Patti tells Laurie that she feels that something bad is going to happen. This is something the Laurie has heard before from Patti. Patti tells Laurie that she feels it too.

Nora leaves her family at home while she goes for an interview. Nora’s husbands and kids are confident that Nora will get the job. Nora’s interview is with Lucy. Lucy is running for mayor. While in the interview Kevin Sr. asks Lucy will she be attending his party, that he is not supposed to know he is having. Lucy tells him yes. When Kevin Sr. leaves the room Lucy instantly tells Nora that her and Kevin Sr. are “just friends”.

Kevin gets a call from Tom who is being held in custody for going to his biological father’s house. Tom’s real dad doesn’t want anything to do with him and hits him. When Kevin Jr. gets word of this he goes over to Tom’s fathers house and gives him a mini beating. When Kevin and Tom gets home Kevin lies about why him and Tom are together. Tom later tells his mom on accident. When she confronts Kevin. Kevin lashes out on her telling her his displeasure in their relationship.

Bambi went mad

A deer  is running rampant through the town, it goes to a school and scares a bunch of children. Breaking almost everything in sight. Another deer sighing is caught later on in the episode as it runs rampant throughout someone house. At a meeting about the deer. Kevin Sr. wants his men to take down the deer by killing it. Kevin Jr. thinks that all of this damage has been caused by one deer, specifically the deer that he saw on his jog. When Kevin Jr. gets the call about the deer being in the house. Kevin Jr. gets a tranquilizer gun. He follows the deer upstairs to shoot it. The deer closes the door, gets stuck in the room and runs out like wild animal. The deer knocks Kevin down and he is unable to tranquilize it. The deer runs outside and a woman mows it down. Kevin goes out and puts the deer out of its misery.

Kevin waits for the woman to get her car towed and smokes a cigarette with her. The tow truck driver asks if she needs a ride. Kevin tells her that he will drop her off. Kevin decides to bang her in addition to just dropping her off.

Laurie goes to a doctors appointment that she has been putting off. Laurie has a ultrasound done and finds out that she is pregnant.

Onwards Rapture!

Nora is agitated with her husband as she has a feeling that he is cheating. The kids are yelling and screaming about dinner. Jill and Tom are at school. Laurie is still looking at the ultrasound and Kevin in the midst of banging the chick he just meet. All of a sudden 2% of the world’s population disappears. This includes but is not limited to: the woman who Kevin is nailing, Nora’s unruly family and the baby that is on Laurie’s ultrasound.

As usual we learned nothing about this show. Having a flashback would have been a great way to get answers about a lot of the people in Mapleton but we are stuck with the same amount of info that we had before wasting 1 hour. We do know that Jill wasn’t always a stick in the mud. Kevin and Laurie’s relationship was on the rocks before she joined the GR’s. I can honestly say this was the worst episode ever. Next week is the finale so set your expectations low and prepare to be disappointed.