Wrong Turn 6Premiering at Frightfest this week, Wrong Turn 6 : Last Resort is Fox’s covert reboot of the popular cannibal-centric franchise. Cast member Sadie Katz clues us in on what to expect…

Did the success of House of Bad, and its popularity – especially with online critics – pave the way for your Wrong Turn 6 : Last Resort gig?

I like to think that every film kind of leads the way for the next.  Whether it’s directly or just as part of your craft or just getting your face out there and familiar with your audience.  I was very happy with the response from the online critics from “House of Bad” so… “Wrong Turn” feels like a gift of sorts am I putting that correctly?  I mean basically it’s budget and the scale of the sets and locations shooting in Sofia, Bulgaria, the fancy hotels…it felt like I earned it from a lot of smaller projects.  I hope that answer makes sense and doesn’t sound ummm..douchey.  Ha.

Do they give you the whole script before the audition or do you only get your character sides?

All auditions are sorta the same drill…you get the sides, if you’re lucky you get to see the whole script.  This one we didn’t get the script and we didn’t really get the details of the characters too much.  It was so hush, hush.  I have no patience.  Like, for Christmas I have to try and find my presents.  I can’t resist peeking.  It’s terrible.  So, I knew it was for a successful horror franchise so I was trying to Google and guess everything.  Here’s a secret…another director I worked with before kind of spilled the beans  and by coincidence told me about the audition and double submitted me.  So, I probably was one of the few who knew before.  I felt like I had a naughty secret.

What was the audition process like?

The audition was pretty much the same process…the callbacks when they are making their final choices were a little more higher stakes because, they were casting for you to fly out to Bulgaria and I wasn’t quite sure if they were going to go with an actress from LA or from the UK.  You have block out all that noise and just do what you came to do which is play the character the way you were meant to play it.  At the callback there’s also a body check which, I believe has more to do with making sure an actress is really comfortable in her own skin and isn’t going to back out of doing the nudity.  A lot of actresses get upset at this but, I’ve been on the other end of this…when you’re selling a film where nudity is a selling point you don’t want to hire someone who’s going to change their mind during filming.  At the callback when it came time to change I didn’t excuse myself to put a robe on and go to the bathroom blah…blah…blah…I wanted the producer in the room to know I wasn’t about drama I understood what the film required.  It was very professional of course I walked across got on film and got dressed again.  I did talk to much at the end out of nerves.  I’m not perfect!

Wrong Turn 6Without giving anything away, are you at all like your character?

Ha…ask some of my ex’s.  Next question.  Kidding.  I’m being so careful…umm..I loved this character.  Frank Woodworth wrote a juicy character with a lot of rad complexities.  I was obsessed with doing something cool from my first audition.  Sometimes I get an audition and I can smell that in the writing where I’m like as a writer I know the writer liked the character.  So, in that sense when I read it I knew whoever wrote her gave her multi- dimensions to toy with. You don’t always get that in a horror script with female rolls.  So, in that sense yes…I’d say if you knew me well, I am definitely a complex person. If you saw me you see a big huge wink.

Have you seen all the previous Wrong Turn movies?

Yes! I watched them all.  They’re pretty damn scary, funny and violent.  They’re really a fantasy.  Everyone’s favorite I think it’s always the first.  Mine too.  Of course, I haven’t seen number six yet so…

I see you’re doing a new movie with Danny Trejo at the moment. What is that one?

I know that’s fun, right? The second time!  The other one is “Chavez: Cage of Glory” with Hector Echavarria it’s coming out September 3rd at Best Buy and eventually on VOD.  I’m the female lead along with Steven Bauer.  This new movie I’m shooting with Danny is “No Way Out” I play an assassin which, is super cool to feel like a bad ass.  I’d tell you more but, then I’d have to kill you.  See what I did there?

You’re also doing another film with the House of Bad guys, soon.

Actually, right now we are in the middle of shooting “State of Desolation” which I’m super stoked about it’s a very clever zombie project that I’m a hippie bad girl in which stars the awesomely talented Jamie Bernadette and the roughly handsome and gifted Craig Stark.  I’ve seen the dailies and the shit looks fierce.