The Contestants walk into the lab and find all the models in full super hero garb. Mike Elizalde (Hell Boy) joins Mackenzie in revealing this week’s Foundation challenge. They pick the model and costume,  designing the hero to go with it. They are given 2 hours for the challenge. Winner receives immunity. The crew gets cracking and create some impressive makeups in the short time they have.

Foundation Challenge Winner: Rachael

The next day they return to the lab to learn their Spotlight challenge. In teams of 2 they choose a tree that will inspire an Ent like (Lord of the Rings) tree character. After choosing, they are given a malady inflicting their tree that twists it into a darker, more menacing character.

The Face Off Teams

Jason & Doc- Bristlecone Pine- Lightning struck

Sasha & Stella- White Birch- Burl

Vince & Damien- Sequoia- Rot

Dina & Rachael- Banyan- Fungus

George & Keaghlan- Silk Floss- Choking Vines

Cig & Drew- Weeping Willow- bug infestation

After their trees have been assigned, the teams get to work. There is a lot of excitement all around, but Mr.Westmore enters the studio and quickly dashes a few hopes, making a couple of teams rethink and resculpt their designs. The early favorite seems to be Cig & Drew’s pest ridden Willow. The rest are told to lose a little of the personification, and create a more literal tree creature, with few human aspects. Before the end of day Jason and Doc begin to rethink choosing each other as partners. First liking the idea that they have both been in bottom looks as a reason to work together, but after running behind, are thinking that maybe they would have been better picking partners that has excelled thus far.

On day 2, Cig and Drew find that their mold is locked and are afraid it is cracking inside. After a lot of frustration they get it open and are relieved that it’s okay, but have gotten behind in time. Damien and Vince begin to clash when it comes to the color and aesthetic of their piece.  The arms of Jason and Doc’s character break in the molds, and Doc feels resigned to going home by the end of the day.

On Day 3 the teams dress their models, and start to paint. The paint jobs look promising before last looks, but Cig and Drew’s Weeping Willow looks less impressive now that it is closer to completion. Jason and doc’s tree starts coming together, making them feel that they just may be safe.

They head to the stage, and nervously wait for their critiques. Lois Burwell returns to the judging panel, filling in once again for Ve Neil.

When Cig and Drew’s model takes the stage, they find that the branches that they had just applied are missing from the makeup. Their bare armed model has left them in a precarious position. The judges remark immediately that they feel something is missing.


Sasha & Stella

Jason & Doc

Rachael & Dina

George & Keaghlan

Cig & Drew


Winner: Jason

Voted Out: Vince

Damien and Vince’s choice to use ribbon as the costuming for the tree was truly abysmal, it’s impossible to know what they were thinking, or how they thought that they had a cohesive makeup. I wasn’t as impressed with Sasha and Stella’s paint job as the Judges were, but their Native American inspired Birch was interesting. I agreed with the winner chosen. The sculpture work on Jason and Doc’s tree and the paint job were really beautiful. The loser this week was a toss up for me, I thought both of the teams in the bottom looks ( Cig & Drew and Vince & Damien) did a poor job on sculpting the face. The challenges are a lot more inspired this season than last, I am so glad that they have managed to come up with some fresher ideas this round, after the 6th season I felt the show might be getting a little stale. They managed to instill excitement again, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next week!