Well it’s been a pretty big summer for “director” Michael Bay.  Even in a down year for the box office he has been involved in two of the biggest hits of the summer (despite the usual level of well deserved hatred his movies tend to generate).  However according to a USA Today article, it appears that Bay may finally step down from his directing duties for the Transformers series.

There is currently no word about who would take over the directing job from Bay for Transformers 5 but I wouldn’t get too excited about this news just yet.  Bay gave the same song and dance three years ago after the release of Transformers 3 only to be persuaded to come back for (allegedly) one more film.  Even if he ends up actually saying no, he could also stay on as a producer.  That way even if he isn’t the director he can still influence the series in much the same way he did as a producer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Let’s see if Bay actually sticks to his plan after Paramount has a chance to back the money truck onto his front lawn.    

In that same USA Today article, he said there was “a new direction in movies I want to make”, including making a documentary about elephant poaching for some reason (because when I think about serious documentaries I think Michael Bay).

Do you believe Michael bay is actually done directing Transformers?  Who should the studio get to replace him for Transformers 5?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Latino Review