The show begins with an advertisement for a company that creates life sized replicas of the departed. The purpose of these figures is to have a body for the family to bury. In an attempt of some closure.


Nora files for divorce from her husband. She runs into Kevin in the hallway and asks him to go on a trip with her. Kevin tells her that he has a daughter. Nora tells him to f*ck his daughter.

Nora goes to a conference where she is the guest speaker. While getting on an escalator to her room, she is meet by a group of friends. They invite her to a mini hotel party. They do weird drugs that will be FDA approved in a year, but are not at this time. One of the men sells the figures. These figures go for 40K a pop. While doped up on drugs and booze. Nora kissings the figure.

After Nora’s party night with a few of the people from the conference. She wakes up to a man banging on her door. The man claims that she destroyed hotel property and she needs to be removed. Nora gets a ID badge made up at the local kinkos. When she goes back to the hotel, hotel security is there and apprehends her.

Nora tells them that someone is stealing her identity. She also says that she is speaking at a conference and the person who stole her identity should be their. Security tells them that if that person isn’t there she will be kicked out again.

They go to the conference and a woman is sitting in Nora’s seat. Nora goes to the mic and asks questions of the fake Nora. The woman admits that she isn’t Nora. She proclaims that the government departure agency is a joke. Hotel security whisks her off of the stage.

While sitting in the bar Nora meets a man (Patrick)  that has written a book called “What’s Next”. This book has been helping a lot of people with departures. Nora calls him out. She feels that he has no idea what she and people like her are going through.

Holy Wayne 

While leaving the hotel Nora is approached by a man. He tells Nora that he can prove Patrick is a fake. The man takes her to a building where he wants $100 for his services. Nora kindly gives it to him. Nora has no idea what this money is for. Nora is taken to a room where Holy Wayne is.  Holy Wayne offers to take Nora’s pain away. Wayne tells Nora about how she wants to recreate the pain in her life. This leads to Nora crying. Wayne hugs her, holding the back of Nora’s head while she cries.

Back to home

Nora comes back home from buying groceries and someone knocks on her door. Kevin is at Nora door telling her that he didn’t take offense to what she said earlier.

At Least when this show decided to revolve an episode around Mike, it was decent and entertaining. Nora’s story didn’t quite play out that way. These individual episode could work great with a series that has been on for years. Not for a series that has barely made it to the half way mark.