When The X-Men: Days of Future Past was shooting, there was a ton of publicity. While The Avengers is shooting, there have been a bunch of photographs and leaks from the set. Even Amazing Spider-Man 2 got a lot of press. Outside of the casting choices, has anyone really heard anything about the Fantastic Four reboot shoot? Well, the movie just wrapped its shooting.

Yep, just like that the least interesting upcoming Marvel Comics movie has finished its shoot.

Josh Trank (Chronicle) directs the reboot, which allegedly sees the plot taking more notes from the Ultimate Universe than the original Marvel Universe. They also cast Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, changing his skin color (and relationship to his sister Sue Storm) and cast a scrawny Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, a muscular jock in both Marvel and the Ultimate Universe.

There was also the leaked rumors that the cast was told not to worry about reading any of the Fantastic Four comics because this movie would have nothing to do with those comics. Based on the casting, that makes a lot of sense. It is also telling that Fantastic Four was not even mentioned at Comic-Con this year, the only chance it had to publicize the movie. Maybe the studio knows that comic fans won’t care about the movie that isn’t really based on the characters they love.

So, the shoot came and went, no one cared, and then Kate Mara posted a selfie on Twitter with her three teammates to let the world know that the movie has wrapped shooting.

Yep, The Fantastic Four is headed to the editing room to work on special effects for its June 19, 2015 release. Are you excited about seeing The Fantastic Four? Josh Trank is a great filmmaker, but is this a movie that even comic fans care about anymore? Let’s chat in the comment section.