Those of you who loved the experience of viewing Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special The Day of the Doctor on the big screen last year, you can now look forward to getting to know Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor in the same exciting way. According to, the Doctor Who Season 8 opener, entitled Deep Breath, will not only be premiering on BBC One but in cinemas around the world.

Steven Moffat had predictably little to say about the plot or what else we can expect, but cheekily called the Doctor a “show-off” and claimed that one “taste of the silver screen is never enough.” The episode in question is directed by relatively newcomer Ben Wheatley, who – if his previous work is anything to go by – has a flair for the dark. This, of course, is very much in keeping with Moffat’s cryptic comments about taking the series in a darker direction with the new Doctor.  The episode will also feature fan favorites The Paternoster Gang, so all signs are pointing toward the season premiere being quite interesting indeed.

No information yet on whether Deep Breath will be presented in theaters in 3D, as The Day of the Doctor was, or what extra features and goodies we might be treated to in cinemas. I was one of the many people who went to see The Day of the Doctor in cinemas on the 50th anniversary and was very impressed with the experience. I had a grand old time reacting to surprises and old school references and guest appearances along with the obviously fan heavy crowd, and both the cinematic quality and the exciting atmosphere of the theater infinitely heightened the watching experience. I, for one, am looking forward to another silver screen date with the Doctor.