The Horns trailer for the upcoming Joe Hill adaptation starring Daniel Radcliffe just hit. The book was written by Stephen King’s son and the mastermind behind the graphic novels Locke & Key (see Renegade Cinema’s look at that series here).

The novel on which it is based is about a young man named Ignatius William Perrish who wakes up one day with horns growing out of his head. He also has the new power to force people to admit to things that are quite embarrassing and intimate. Meanwhile, he grieves about the death of his girlfriend, a murder that everyone in town believes he committed.

Joe Hill remains one of the most interesting young authors working today, and I have to give him credit for refusing to cash in on his dad’s name along the way. It is also interesting to see Harry Potter taking on such a dark role as well. Here is a look at the first Horns trailer:

It is clear that the Horns trailer focuses on the death of the girlfriend and waits until the end to show Ig sitting there with the horns on his head. Count me as very interested in this movie. Alexandre Aja (High Tension) directs the movie and Horns hits theaters on Oct. 31, just in time for Halloween.