No one thought that the first Sharknado movie would be so popular – well, until it went viral through social marketing and became hugely anticipated if for no reason than to see a movie that everyone knew ahead of time would be bad. That movie was so popular that a second one is coming and the Sharknado 2 trailer is now online.

Yeah, the trailer started off making it sound like a serious disaster movie but then the narrator said “oh F-it” and we see a giant shark flying out of a tornade. What else is cool about the trailer?¬†How about Judd Hirsch driving a taxi cab (Google it)? And then there is Tara Reid proving she can’t act her way out of a paper bag as she tries to bring back memories of the Jaws sequels (It’s like … it knew who I was).

Plus, all the blurbs during the Sharknado 2 trailer was from random Twitter users.

Now, if you liked that, up next is a four minutes featurette about the first Sharknado movie which is pretty much a guy describing the first movie in a sarcastic way over scenes from the movie. .

Are you excited about Sharknado 2? Did the Sharknado 2 trailer and featurette help convince you?

Source: Fandango