We let you know a couple of weeks back that Gareth Edwards was rewarded with his own Star Wars movie after the awesome Godzilla tore through theaters. Well, the next person to get their own Star Wars film hasn’t even finished his first big budget movie, but it looks like Josh Trank will follow The Fantastic Four with another of the Star Wars stand-alone movies.

The thought process is that Edwards will get the Boba Fett movie since he will presumably shoot it before he shoots Godzilla 2. So, that leaves Trank with what looks like the Han Solo movie. Since that won’t hit theaters until 2018, that gives him plenty of time to shoot The Fantastic Four before he starts up in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away.

The news has also come that Edward’s Star Wars spin-off movie will be written by Book of Eli screenwriter Gary Witta, which is a nice choice since Book of Eli was all kinds of great. Witta also wrote the Telltale Games adaptation of The Walking Dead, so that is even cooler.

Of course, J.J. Abrams is working on Star Wars: Episode VII, which hits in 2015. The first Star Wars spin-off movie will hit in 2016, which should be Edward’s Boba Fett movie. After that, Star Wars: Episode VIII will hit, probably directed by J.J. Abrams again, then the Trank movie in 2018. Star Wars: Episode IX will come next in 2019 and then the third spin-off, which is rumored to be titled Red Five in 2020.

It is good news for Trank, who has only made one movie – the lower budget found footage superhero movie Chronicle. However, that movie was awesome and we all saw how a low-budget filmmaker could just amp up the awesome when Edwards followed up Monsters with Godzilla. The problem is that Trank has to prove he can direct without the found footage aspects. The Fantastic Four should let us know exactly what we can expect from the upcoming Star Wars spin-off.

What are your thoughts about Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank getting their shots at the Star Wars spin-off movies? Let’s talk The Force in the comments below.

Source: Hero Complex