Happy Friday my fiendish friends! We are diving down to the dark depths this week to find our fright flick. With isolation, mutation and creature mutilation, you can’t go wrong with Leviathan.

leviathan shipLeviathan was released in 1989, by late Director George P. Cosmatos. Cosmatos was better known for action movies, like Rocky 2 and Tombstone, than he was for horror, but Leviathan should be remembered, standing strong next to it’s creature feature brethren. Starring Peter Weller, Amanda Pays, Ernie Hudson, Richard Crenna, Lisa Eilbacher, Michael Carmine and Daniel Stern as the crew of a deep sea mining vessel, who find the wreckage of a Soviet ship named, you guessed it, the Leviathan. On board of the sunken ship (that is nowhere near where it’s recorded wreckage site should be) they find little to take, save for a bottle of vodka inside the safe of the Captains Quarters.

Leviathan arm mutation

Hard up for some booze, in spite of the boss’s orders, several crew members take a swig and soon find that the vodka wasn’t so much liquor as a failed experiment in secret Russian mutagen trials. The remaining crew is trapped below the sea with a mutant monster out for blood and spare parts, while their maydays to their land loving overlord Ms. Martin (played by the glassy eyed Meg Foster) are denied. Told that there is a hurricane brewing and they must stay put just a little longer, they fight tooth and tentacle to survive.

Alien set in the deep dark sea, Leviathan nails the frightening feeling of  helpless isolation that makes so many horror flicks good. It also pulls on the human conscience, playing on the conflict of helping your fellow friend or saving yourself from said Leviathan mutationfriend. In the end though, the smart stop trying to reason and let self preservation take the lead.

The characters are well written, and well played. You can’t imagine better comrades to be trapped with, and in perfect contrast, Meg Foster is spot on as the upper management figure¬†you love to hate. Not one to condone hitting women, It be can’t denied that she’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’. As for the miscreation wreaking mayhem in this monster movie, it’s disturbing enough to make the skin squirm and stomach turn. So if you haven’t seen Leviathan for yourself, my dark little darlings, go get Kraken! -Ruby