Something is going on over at Marvel and Disney. We just reported that Edgar Wright left the Marvel Ant-Man movie after working on it for eight years. Now, another big name is leaving as Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard is reported to be leaving the Daredevil Netflix television series.

Drew Goddard was supposed to write, produce and run the Daredevil Netflix show since 2014 and the series was supposed to be in pre-production right now. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news and reports that Spartacus showrunner Steven S. DeKnight will take over on the Daredevil series. DeKnight also worked with Goddard on Joss Wheodon’s shows Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse.

Daredevil NetflixOne reason that Goddard might have left the project is because he is also working on a Marvel project over at Sony where he is scheduled to write and direct the Spider-Man spin-off movie The Sinister Six. While running a Marvel Netflix series is an exciting prospect, actually getting to write and direct your own big budget comic book movie might be a better deal.

It seemed unusual that Goddard would be able to write and direct a major comic book movie and run an entire TV show, even though the series will likely be filmed in one large chunk since Netflix releases all their shows in one lump sum.

While this is just a rumor right now, the Memorial Day holiday weekend makes it hard to confirm the Goddard exit. Unlike the Edgar Wright news, which Marvel sent out a confirmation on, this Drew Goddard news hasn’t been mentioned by yet. As of now, the status of the Daredevil Netflix show remains up in the air.

There have now been two very popular geek-centric directors that Marvel has lost in the span of two days. It makes it sound like something strange is going on at Marvel. Are you disappointed that Drew Goddard left the Daredevil Netflix show? Would you have chosen a movie over a Netflix series? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

SourceLatino Review