Fresh from Deadline Hollywood is big news for the Soska Sisters, who gave us American Mary, and come Fall, See No Evil 2. The sisters will be directing the film Vendetta, starring wrestler Big Show (Paul Wright).

It only seems natural that Jen & Sylvia would be asked back by the WWE since they spoke so highly of the experience in our FanExpo interview a month ago. Their excitement from having the great relationship with the WWE, that was both creatively and morally supportive, only further excites us fans that we will continue to see films that embolden the Soska Twins to reveal their ultimate vision without studio constraints.

Soska Sisters

What makes Vendetta interesting is it is like nothing they have done before. It is a detective film that follows a hardheaded Gumshoe who commits a crime so he can be placed in prison in order to reap vengeance on the man who killed his wife. And with the Soska’s expressing their want to direct films that were not just American Mary ad nauseum this surely gives them an interesting palette to work within. Or maybe outside of?

WWE has signed a six-picture deal with Lionsgate that begins with Vendetta, and the second set to film in the fourth quarter of this year. Dubbed the “Action Six-Pack,” these films will doubtlessly be vehicles for other wrestlers under the WWE umbrella of stars to show off their skills as actors, and more importantly, their ability to rock a fight scene.

Vendetta is set to begin filming this Summer, presumably in Vancouver where the WWE have made the majority of their films. We have reached out for a follow-up interview with Jen & Sylvia, so stay tuned to Renegade Cinema for what hopes to be another stellar discussion.

James C.