Batman vs. Superman is coming next year and might be the most nerve racking comic book movie coming out. Even here at Renegade Cinema, the writers are split about whether it will be worthy of the characters in the movie. Of course, the writers at Renegade Cinema are also split on whether Man of Steel was a great movie or garbage. As one of the writers who loved Man of Steel, the Batmobile photo that Zack Snyder released today has me excited.

Now, I loved Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. I had small problems with Batman Begins and feel that Dark Knight Rises was fun, but was kind of a mess. However, The Dark Knight was one of the two best superhero movies ever made. However, one thing I never really liked was the Tumbler replacing the Batmobile.

It just wasn’t Batman.

Well, from the sneak look at the back of a Batmobile covered with a tarp, where only the shape and the wheels are showing, it looks like the Batmobile might be making a comeback. That has me very, very excited. Not only that, but Snyder said that the full reveal of the Batmobile might be coming as early as tomorrow.

Stay tuned to Renegade Cinema, and if the car is shown in full, we will have the photos for you. Take a look at the tarped Batmobile photo from Batman vs. Superman and let us know what you think in the comments below. Click on the photo for a larger image.

Batmobile photo

Photo from Zack Snyder / Twitter