ABC announced this week that they are bringing back Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and are also kicking off a second Marvel TV show called Marvel’s Agent Carter in the 2014 fall season. Right now it looks like Agent Carter will play while Agents of SHIELD is on their winter break next season.

Of course, Agent Carter stars Hayley Atwell, as she reprises the role she played in Captain America: the First Avenger, as well as a Marvel One-Shot on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray. The Agent Carter TV show will be a period piece taking place in the 1940s. This will also be Marvel’s first attempt at a female lead series (Jessica Jones will follow on Netflix in the next couple of years).

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is about to air their season finale as the group will try to figure out where to go now that SHIELD is pretty much shattered. Nick Fury will also appear in the season finale. I would venture to guess that Fury will keep the team together to work for him, more like the Secret Avengers than a unit of SHIELD.

Since the Agents of SHIELD will likely be trying to take out the Hydra operatives that infiltrated their organization, this could really play into Agent Carter as well. Remember, Hydra infiltrated SHIELD from the start when Arnim Zola was brought aboard. Hopefully, they use this show to drop clues and hints to Hydra blending in.

Tune in this week to see how Agents of SHIELD finishes up, and be excited to know they are living to fight another season.